World Quaker Day 2023: Learn, Pray, Act

09 March 2023

1 October 2023 will be an opportunity to learn, pray and act, as we prepare to come together as a global family of Friends at the World Plenary Meeting in South Africa and online, themed “Living the Spirit of Ubuntu: Responding with Hope to God’s Call to Cherish Creation and one-another.


Read about what ubuntu means to Quakers

Watch Friends in Southern Africa share their understandings of the Zulu word ubuntu (below)


Pray for the World Family of Friends as we prepare to gather

Pray for the environment and God’s help to address the causes and effects of injustice


Find out what is happening in your area to help protect the environment and promote equality, and consider how you might be able to help

Ensure your community is represented at the World Plenary Meeting by booking a place and/or pay for someone to take part who would be prevented otherwise