An Epistle articulates a collective sense of experience and how God has moved among Friends during a gathering, be it a yearly meeting session or an FWCC Section meeting, or a Young Friends gathering. It is approved by that group during a meeting for business. It is typically shared with yearly meetings so that they might read some of them out in meeting or publish some for people to read. It was historically, and continues to be, an important way for Friends and others to learn about each other in that which is eternal. They help us appreciate that we are part of a world family of Friends.

Epistles have potential to facilitate understanding among Friends, and in this light, we ask that you read Epistles with an open mind and heart.

Please note that each meeting writes its own Epistle, and we do not alter or edit them; Friends with concerns are encouraged to address those directly to the sending meeting.

World Plenary Meeting Epistle 2016 English (19-27 January 2016)
Epístola de la Reunión Plenaria Mundial 2016 Español (19-27 de enero de 2016)

Most Recent Epistles Received (for previous epistles, please check the archive)


Aotearoa New Zealand YM – Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri (14-17 May) (.pdf, 144kb)
Australia YM (3-9 July) (.pdf, 134kb)

Britain YM (19 July  8 August) (.pdf, 343kb). Watch the clerk reading the epistle on YouTube.

Friends Church of North Carolina (USA) (13-14 August) (.pdf, 89kb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (7-9 May) (.pdf, 133kb)
Hong Kong MM – State of the Meeting Report (3 April) (.pdf, 121kb)
Illinois YM (USA) (27 June  3 July) (.pdf, 280kb)
Intermountain YM (USA) (16-20 June) (.pdf, 50kb)
Iowa YM (Conservative) (USA) (22-25 July) (.pdf, 81kb)
Ireland YM (8-11 April) (.pdf, 90kb)

Lake Erie YM (USA) (28 July  1 August) (.pdf, 35kb)
Mexico General Meeting (21-23 May) (.pdf, 616kb, in Spanish and English)
Netherlands YM (28-30 May) (.pdf, 517kb)
Northern YM (USA) (27-30 May) (.pdf, 252kb)
North Pacific YM (USA) (14-18 July) (.pdf, 56kb)
Norway YM (26-27 June) English (.pdf, 16kb) Norwegian (.pdf, 78kb)
Ohio Valley YM (USA) (16-20 June) (.pdf, 18kb)
Pacific YM (USA) (23-28 July) (.pdf, 101kb)
Piedmont Friends YM (USA) (9-11 April) (.pdf. 141kb)
Sierra-Cascades YM (USA) (18-20 June) (.pdf, 49kb)
South Central YM (USA) (28 March  4 April) (.pdf, 46kb)
Southeastern YM (USA) (31 March  11 April) (.pdf, 262kb)
Southern Africa YM (24-25 July, 31 July  1 August) (.pdf, 80kb)
Sweden YM (14-16 May) (.pdf, 62kb)
Switzerland YM (21-24 May) (.pdf, 140kb)
Wilmington YM (USA) (29 July  1 August) (.pdf, 91kb)


Alaska Friends Conference (USA) (30 July  2 August) (.pdf, 109kb)
Baltimore YM (USA) (27 July  3 August) (.pdf, 206kb)
Belgium & Luxembourg YM (10-11 October) (.pdf, 89kb)
Canadian YM (8-13 August) (.pdf, 157kb)
Cuba YM (23 February) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español) (.pdf, 51kb)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends Summer Gathering (19-26 July) (html)
FWCC Central Executive Committee (11-15 June) (.pdf, 93kb)
German YM (23-25 October) Deutsch (.pdf, 48kb) / English (.pdf, 18kb) / français (.pdf, 24kb)
Indiana YM (USA) (23-25 July) (.pdf, 124kb)
Japan YM (21-22 November) (.pdf, 19kb)
Monteverde Monthly Meeting (Costa Rica) (May) (.pdf, 224kb)
New England YM (USA) (1-9 August) English (.pdf, 269kb) / español (.pdf, 99kb)
New York YM (USA) (19-31 July) (.pdf, 100kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (USA) (8-12 July) (.pdf, 589kb)
Ohio YM (USA) (3-8 August) (.pdf, 108kb)
Philadelphia YM (USA) (29 July – 2 August) (.pdf, 110kb)
Poland – All-Poland Gathering (14 November) English (.pdf, 18kb) / Polski (.pdf, 18kb)

Central European Gathering (12-16 April) (.pdf, 58kb)
Evangelical Friends of Kitale, Kenya (12-16 December) (.pdf, 23kb)
France YM (25-28 October) (.pdf, 143kb)
Friends Church of Uganda (28 August – 2 September) (.pdf, 2.42MB)
Great Plains YM (USA) (30 May – 2 June) (.pdf, 163kb)
Italian Friends’ Gathering 2019 (30 August – 1 September) (.pdf, 72kb)
Jamaica YM (9-11 August) (.pdf, 276kb)
New Association of Friends (USA) (27 October) (.pdf, 85kb)
North Carolina Fellowship of Friends (USA) (10 August) (.pdf, 143kb)
Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, East Africa (16-19 January) (.pdf, 188kb)
Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) (international) (28-31 March) (.pdf, 99kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (USA) (13-16 June) (.pdf, 122kb)
Western YM (25-28 July) (USA) (.pdf, 658kb)

FLGBTQC (Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns) (summer) (.pdf, 4MB)
FWCC Asia-West Pacific Section Meeting (12-16 September) (.pdf, 203kb)
Friends Association for Higher Education (14-17 June) (.pdf, 208kb)
Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference (USA) (6-10 June) (.pdf, 258kb)
Quaker Council for European Affairs (5-6 October) English (.pdf, 78kb) / Nederlands (.pdf, 79kb) / Dansk (.pdf, 151kb)
Soy YM (Kenya) (22-26 August) (.pdf, 190kb)

Chavakali YM (Kenya) (16-20 August) (.pdf, 102kb)
Nairobi YM (Kenya) (30 August-3 September) (.pdf, 558kb)
Nordic Gathering (29 June-2 July) (.pdf, 167kb)
North Carolina YM (FUM) (USA) (4-6 August) (.pdf, 404kb)
Ramallah MM (Palestine) (February) (.pdf, 493kb)
Sierra-Cascades YM (USA) (.pdf, 129kb)

Epistle of the “What Canst Thou Say?” Ministers & Elders Colloquium (6-9 October) (.pdf, 184kb)

Baltimore YM (USA) (1-7 August) (.pdf, 176kb)
Denmark YM (2-3 April) (.pdf, 102kb)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends All-Age Gathering (30 July-6 August) (.pdf, 275kb)
Fellowship of Friends of African Descent Annual Gathering (12-14 August) (.pdf, 137kb)
Tanzania YM (24-28 August) (.pdf, 64kb)

Tanzania USFW (December) (.pdf, 64kb)

Bhopal YM (India) (9 February) (.pdf, 53kb)
Quaker Youth Pilgrimage (22 July – 21 August) (.pdf, 255kb)

Alaska YM (.pdf, 77kb)
Northwest YM (USA) (21-25 July) (.pdf, 81kb)

East Africa YM (4 September) (.png, 494kb)