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Aotearoa-New Zealand YM (18-22 May) (.pdf, 186kb)
Central European YM (25-28 May) (.pdf, 120kb)
Intermountain YM (21-25 June) (.pdf, 482kb)
South Central YM (USA) (2-9 April) (.pdf, 71kb)


Aotearoa-New Zealand YM (28 April 1 May) (.pdf, 204kb)
Australia YM (2-10 July) (.pdf, 151kb)

Belgium & Luxembourg YM (17-19 June) (.pdf, 205kb)
Britain YM (27-30 May) (.pdf, 211kb)
Canadian YM (7-13 August) (.pdf, 99kb)
Central European Gathering (2-5 June) (.pdf, 95kb)
France YM (28-30 October) (.pdf, 150kb)
Friends Church of North Carolina (USA) (12-13 August) (.pdf, 59kb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (20-23 May) (.pdf, 147kb)
Illinois YM (USA) (15-19 June) (.pdf, 287kb)
Ireland YM (11-14 August) (.pdf, 97kb)

Italian Friends’ Gathering (9-11 September) (.pdf, 102kb)
Japan YM (19-20 November) (.pdf, 76kb)
Lake Erie YM (USA) (27-31 July) (.pdf, 61kb)
Mexico General Meeting (21-23 May) (.pdf, 616kb, in Spanish and English)
Netherlands YM (10-11 June) (.pdf, 150kb)
New England YM (USA) (6-11 August) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español) (.pdf, 386kb)
North Pacific YM (USA) (13-17 July) (.pdf, 55kb)

Ohio YM (USA) (1-5 August) (.pdf, 12kb)
Ohio Valley YM (USA) (8-12 June) (.pdf, 237kb)

Piedmont Friends YM & Fellowship (USA) (4-5 June) (.pdf, 168kb)
Philadelphia YM (USA) (26-31 July) (.pdf, 216kb)

Quaker Council for European Affairs (18-19 November) (.pdf, 125kb)
South Central YM (USA) (10-17 April) (.pdf, 103kb)
Southeastern YM (USA) (13-17 April) (.pdf, 93kb)
Switzerland YM (3-6 June) Deutsch (.pdf, 48kb) / English (.pdf, 63kb)
Uganda YM (24-28 August) (.pdf, 1,134 kb)


Aotearoa New Zealand YM – Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri (14-17 May) (.pdf, 144kb)
Australia YM (3-9 July) (.pdf, 134kb)

Britain YM (19 July  8 August) (.pdf, 343kb). Watch the clerk reading the epistle on YouTube.

Canadian YM (8-14 August) (.pdf, 516kb)
Central European Gathering (10-13 September) (.pdf, 43kb)
France YM (29 October 1 November) English (.pdf, 142kb), français (.pdf, 146kb)
Friends Church of North Carolina (USA) (13-14 August) (.pdf, 89kb)|
Friends Church of Uganda (3-7 November) (.pdf, 3mb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (7-9 May) (.pdf, 133kb)
German YM (14-17 October) (.pdf, 36kb)
Great Plains YM (USA) (3-5 June) (.pdf, 109kb)
Illinois YM (USA) (27 June  3 July) (.pdf, 280kb)
Intermountain YM (USA) (16-20 June) (.pdf, 50kb)
Japan YM (20-21 November) (.pdf, 80kb)
Lake Erie YM (USA) (28 July  1 August) (.pdf, 35kb)
Netherlands YM (28-30 May) (.pdf, 517kb)
North Pacific YM (USA) (14-18 July) (.pdf, 56kb)
Northern YM (USA) (27-30 May) (.pdf, 252kb)
Ohio YM (USA) (11-13 June) (.pdf, 32kb)
Ohio Valley YM (USA) (16-20 June) (.pdf, 18kb)
Pacific YM (USA) (23-28 July) (.pdf, 101kb)
Piedmont Friends YM (USA) (9-11 April) (.pdf. 141kb)
Quaker Council for European Affairs (12-13 November) (.pdf, 26kb)
Sierra-Cascades YM (USA) (18-20 June) (.pdf, 49kb)
South Central YM (USA) (28 March  4 April) (.pdf, 46kb)
Southeastern YM (USA) (31 March  11 April) (.pdf, 262kb)


Alaska Friends Conference (USA) (30 July  2 August) (.pdf, 109kb)
Aotearoa-New Zealand YM – Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri (27 December – 3 January) (.pdf, 65kb)
Australia YM (4-11 July) (.pdf, 288kb)

Baltimore YM (USA) (27 July  3 August) (.pdf, 206kb)
Britain YM (15 November) (.pdf, 55kb)
Canadian YM (8-13 August) (.pdf, 157kb)
Cuba YM (23 February) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español) (.pdf, 51kb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (1-2 May) (.pdf, 90kb)
German YM (23-25 October) Deutsch (.pdf, 48kb) / English (.pdf, 18kb) / français (.pdf, 24kb)
Hong Kong MM – State of the Meeting Report (26 February) (.pdf, 124kb)
Illinois YM (USA) (17-21 June) (.pdf, 172kb)
Intermountain YM (USA) (18-21 June) (.pdf, 37kb)
Iowa YM (Conservative) (USA) (22-26 July) (.pdf, 187kb)
Japan YM (21-22 November) (.pdf, 19kb)
Lake Erie YM (USA) (30 July – 2 August) (.pdf, 76kb)
Monteverde Monthly Meeting (Costa Rica) (May) (.pdf, 224kb)
Netherlands YM (3 October) (.pdf, 127kb)
New England YM (USA) (1-9 August) English (.pdf, 269kb) / español (.pdf, 99kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (USA) (8-12 July) (.pdf, 589kb)
North Pacific YM (USA) (22-26 July) (.pdf, 90kb)
Northern YM (USA) (22-24 May) (.pdf, 16kb)
Northwest YM (USA) (19-21 July) (.pdf, 68kb)
Ohio YM (USA) (3-8 August) (.pdf, 108kb)
Ohio Valley YM (USA) (17-21 June) (.pdf, 15kb)
Pacific YM (USA) (10-15 July) (.pdf, 93kb)
Piedmont Friends YM (USA) (24-26 July) (.pdf, 70kb)
Philadelphia YM (USA) (29 July – 2 August) (.pdf, 110kb)
Poland – All-Poland Gathering (14 November) English (.pdf, 18kb) / Polski (.pdf, 18kb)
South Central YM (USA) (24-27 September) (.pdf, 112kb)
Southeastern YM (USA) (8-12 April) (.pdf, 82kb)
Sweden YM (7 November) (.pdf, 90kb)
Wilmington YM (USA) (24-26 July) (.pdf, 103kb)


Alaska Friends Conference (1-4 August) (.pdf, 107kb)
Aotearoa-New Zealand YM – Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri (17-20 May) (.pdf, 268kb)
Australia YM (6-13 July) (.pdf, 127kb)

Baltimore YM (29 July – 4 August) (.pdf, 217kb)
Belgium & Luxembourg YM (15-17 November) (.pdf, 94kb)
Britain YM (24-27 May) (.pdf, 210kb)
Canadian YM (2-10 August) (.pdf, 386kb)
Central European Gathering (12-16 April) (.pdf, 58kb)
Cuba YM (24 February) (.pdf, 51kb) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends Spring Gathering (24 April – 1 May) (.pdf, 725kb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (.pdf, 250kb)
France YM (25-28 October) (.pdf, 143kb)
Friends Church of Uganda (28 August – 2 September) (.pdf, 2.42MB)
German YM (3-6 October) English (.pdf, 281kb) / Deutsch (.pdf, 200kb) / Français (.pdf, 377kb)
Great Plains YM (USA) (30 May – 2 June) (.pdf, 163kb)
Illinois YM (19-23 June) (.pdf, 288kb)
Indiana YM (25-27 July) (.pdf, 81kb)
Iowa YM (Conservative) (23-28 July) (.pdf, 136kb)

Ireland YM (25-28 April) (.pdf, 153kb)
Italian Friends’ Gathering 2019 (30 August – 1 September) (.pdf, 72kb)
Lake Erie YM (25-28 July) (.pdf, 238kb)
Monteverde Monthly Meeting (.pdf, 102kb)
Netherlands YM (10-12 May) (.pdf, 99kb)
New England YM / JA de Nueva Inglaterra (3-8 August) (.pdf, 84kb – bilingual/bilingüe English/español)
New York YM (21–27 July) (.pdf, 157kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (11-14 July) (.pdf, 296kb)
Ohio YM (5-11 August) (.pdf, 280kb)
Ohio Valley YM (19-23 June) (.pdf, 75kb)
Pacific YM (12-17 July) (.pdf, 235kb)
Piedmont Friends YM (19-21 April) (.pdf, 419kb)
South Central YM (18-21 April) (.pdf, 73kb)
Southeastern YM (17-21 April) (.pdf, 56kb)
Sweden YM (30 May – 2 June) English (.pdf, 100kb) / svenska (.pdf, 31kb)
Switzerland YM (7-10 June) English (.pdf, 116kb) Deutsch (.pdf, 82kb)
Western YM (25-28 July) (USA) (.pdf, 658kb)
Wilmington YM (25-28 July) (.pdf, 87kb)


Aotearoa-New Zealand YM (25-28 May) (.pdf, 70kb)

Australia YM (7-14 July) (.pdf, 226kb)

Baltimore YM (30 July – 5 August) (.pdf, 174kb)
Belgium & Luxembourg YM (10-12 May) (.pdf, 65kb)
Britain YM (4-7 May) (.pdf, 212kb)
Central European Gathering (12-15 April) (.pdf, 204kb)
Cuba YM (February) (.pdf, 66kb) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends Spring Gathering (25 March – 2 April) (.pdf, 1MB)
FWCC Asia-West Pacific Section Meeting (12-16 September) (.pdf, 203kb)
FWCC Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting (21-24 June) (.pdf, 93kb)
France YM (27-30 October) (.pdf, 77kb – in French) / A rough English translation (.pdf, 82kb)
Friends Church of Uganda (29 August – 2 September) (.pdf, 4MB)
German YM (25-28 October) English (.pdf, 255kb) / français (.pdf, 307kb) / Deutsch (.pdf, 113kb)
Great Plains YM (31 May – 3 June) (.pdf, 48kb)
Illinois YM (21-25 June) (.pdf, 281kb)
Indiana YM (26-28 July) (.pdf, 121kb)
Intermountain YM (11-18 June) (.pdf, 125kb) – please note the date reads 2017 but should be 2018.

Ireland YM (18–22 July) (.pdf, 83kb)
Iowa YM (Conservative) (24-29 July) (.pdf, 101kb)

Netherlands YM (25-27 May) (.pdf, 128kb)
New England YM (4–9 August) (.pdf, 279kb) / JA de Nueva Inglaterra (en español) (4-9 de agosto) (.pdf, 200kb)

New York YM (22-28 July) (.pdf, 103kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (11-15 July) (.pdf, 47kb)

North Pacific YM (25-29 July) English (.pdf, 105kb) / Español (.pdf, 116kb)
Northern YM (25-28 May) (.pdf, 81kb)
Norway YM (9-12 August) (.pdf, 73kb)

Ohio Valley YM (13-17 June) (.pdf , 227kb)
Pacific YM (13-18 July) (.pdf, 258kb)
Quaker Council for European Affairs (March) (.pdf, 64kb) English / Français / Nederlands
Quaker Council for European Affairs (5-6 October) English (.pdf, 78kb) / Nederlands (.pdf, 79kb) / Dansk (.pdf, 151kb)
Reunión General de los Amigos en México (5-6 de mayo) – español (.pdf, 77kb) / General Meeting of Friends in Mexico (5-6 May) – English (.pdf, 78kb)
Sierra-Cascades YM (18-20 May) (.pdf, 16kb)
South Central YM (29 March – 1 April) (.pdf, 137kb)
Southeastern YM (28 March – 1 April) (.pdf, 91kb)
Sweden YM (10-13 May) (.pdf, 56kb)
Western YM (12-15 July) (.pdf, 478kb)
Wilmington YM (26-29 July) (.pdf, 24kb)

Alaska Friends Conference (3-6 August) (.pdf, 34kb)
Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (12-15 May) (.pdf, 154kb)
Aotearoa/New Zealand: Epistle from a Seminar at Whanganui Quaker Settlement (28-30 July) (.pdf, 105kb)
Australia YM (8-15 July) (.pdf, 533kb)
Baltimore YM (31 July – 6 August) (.pdf, 323kb)
Belgium and Luxembourg YM (12-14 May) (.pdf, 49kb)
Britain YM (29 July – 6 August) (.pdf, 28kb)

Central European Gathering (18-21 May) (.pdf, 338kb)
Cuba YM (19 February) (.pdf, 75kb) (bilingual/bilingüe English/español)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends Spring Gathering (10-17 April) (.pdf, 42kb)
Evangelical Friends of Kitale, Kenya (6-10 December) (.pdf, 138kb)
FWCC Europe and Middle East Section (4-7 May) (.pdf, 44kb)
German YM (2–5 November) (.pdf, 198kb)
Illinois YM (21–25 June) (.pdf, 161kb)
Indiana YM (27-29 July) (.pdf, 53kb)
Intermountain YM (11-18 June) (.pdf, 431kb)
Iowa YM (Conservative) (25-30 July) (.pdf, 157kb)

Ireland YM (20-23 April) (.pdf, 288 kb)
Japan YM (18-19 November) (.pdf, 115 kb)
Netherlands YM (19-21 May) (.pdf, 370kb)
New England YM (5-10 August) (.pdf, 103kb)

Nordic Gathering (29 June-2 July) (.pdf, 167kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (13-16 July) (.pdf, 290kb)
North Pacific YM (26-30 July) (.pdf, 344kb)
Northern YM (26-29 May) (.pdf, 265kb)
Ohio Valley YM (14-18 June) (.pdf, 260kb)
Pacific YM (14-19 June) (.pdf, 85kb)
Quaker Council for European Affairs (8 April) (.pdf, 70kb)
South Central YM (13-16 April) (.pdf, 138kb)
Southeastern YM (12-16 April) (.pdf, 114kb)
Switzerland YM (2-5 June) (.pdf, 44kb)
Western YM (27-30 July) (.pdf, 158kb)
Wilmington YM (27-30 July) (.pdf, 273kb)
Uganda YM (30 August-3 September) (.pdf, 374kb)

Alaska Friends Conference (28-31 July) (.pdf, 131kb)
Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (15-18 July) (.pdf, 69kb)
Australia YM (2-9 July) (.pdf, 448kb)
Baltimore YM (USA) (1-7 August) (.pdf, 176kb)
Belgium and Luxembourg YM (10-12 June) (.pdf, 453kb)
Britain YM (27-30 May) (.pdf, 140kb)

Canadian YM (5-13 August) (.pdf, 254kb)
Cuba YM (21 February) (.pdf, 219kb)
France YM (28-31 July) (.pdf, 118kb)
German YM (13-16 October) (.pdfs) EnglishFrançaisDeutsch
Great Plains YM (2-4 June) (.pdf, 49kb)
Illinois YM (22-26 June) (.pdf, 178kb)
Indiana YM (28-31 July) (.pdf, 217kb)
Intermountain YM (6-12 June) (.pdf, 51kb)
Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (26-31 July) (.pdf, 213kb)
Ireland YM (31 March-3 April) (.pdf, 251kb)
Japan YM (19-20 November) (.pdf, 111kb)
Lake Erie YM (28-31 July) (.pdf, 79.1kb)
Mexico General Meeting (15-16 May) (.pdf, 84kb)
Nairobi YM (17-21 August) (.pdf, 69kb)
Netherlands YM (3-5 June) (.pdf, 190kb)
New England YM (6-11 August) (.pdf, 1980 kb)
New York YM (24-30 July) (.pdf, 63kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (14-17 July) (.pdf, 39kb)
North Pacific YM (13-17 July) (.pdf, 38kb)
Northern YM (27-30 May) (.pdf. 59kb)
Norway YM (23-26 June) (.pdf, 41kb)

Ohio Valley YM (27-31 July) (.pdf, 268kb)
Pacific YM (17-22 June) (.pdf, 169kb)
Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference (15-19 June) (.pdf, 122kb)
Philadelphia YM (27-31 July) (.pdf, 137kb)
Ramallah MM (Summer) (.pdf, 348kb)
Southeastern YM (23-27 March) (.pdf, 75kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (9-12 June) (.pdf, 327kb)
Sweden YM (5-8 May) (.pdf, 151kb)
Switzerland YM (13-16 May) (.pdf, 151kb)

Western YM (14-17 July) (.pdf, 163kb)

Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (8-11 May) (.pdf, 79kb)
Australia YM (3-10 January) (.pdf, 160kb)
Baltimore YM (3-9 August) (.pdf, 60kb)
Belgium & Luxembourg YM (10 May) (.pdf, 79kb)
Britain YM (1-4 May) (.pdf, 30kb)

Canadian YM (14-22 August) (.pdf, 284kb)
Central and Southern Africa YM (2-8 January) (.pdf, 65kb)
Cuba YM (February) (.pdf, 395kb)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends (4-11 April) (.pdf, 718kb)
Friends Association for Higher Education (18-21 June) (.pdf, 95kb)
FWCC Europe and Middle East Section (4-7 June) (.pdf, 105kb)
German YM (22-25 October) (.pdf, 45kb)
Great Plains YM (4-6 June) (.pdf, 235kb)
Illinois YM (24-28 June) (.pdf, 42kb)
Intermountain YM (10-14 June) (.pdf, 98kb)
Iowa Conservative YM (22-26 July) (.pdf, 96kb)
Ireland YM (9-12 April) (.pdf, 53kb)
Netherlands YM (29-31 May) (.pdf, 209kb)
New England YM (1-6 August) (.pdf, 45kb)
New York YM (19-25 July) (.pdf, 95kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (15-19 July) (.pdf, 278kb)
North Pacific YM (15-19 July) (.pdf, 52kb)
Northern YM (22-25 May) (.pdf, 56kb)
Norway YM (25-28 June) (.pdf, 144kb)
Ohio Valley YM (29 July – 2 August) (.pdf, 142kb)
Pacific YM (13-18 July) (.pdf, 121kb)
Southeastern YM (1-5 April) (.pdf, 100kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (11-14 June) (.pdf, 57kb)
Sweden YM (25-28 June) (.pdf, 88kb)
Switzerland YM (22-25 May) (.pdf, 56kb)
Uganda YM (19-23 August) (.pdf, 75kb)

Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (23-26 May) (.pdf, 166kb)

Baltimore YM (4-10 August) (.pdf, 217kb)
Central European Gathering (29 May-1 June) (.pdf, 57kb)
Cuba YM (21-23 February) (.pdf, 34kb)
Denmark YM (29-30 March) (.pdf, 50kb)
Europe and Middle East Young Friends (12-19 April) (.pdf, 32kb)
German YM (2-5 October) (.pdf, 55kb)
Ireland YM (24-27 April) (.pdf, 106kb)
Japan YM (15-16 November) (.pdf. 69kb)
Lake Erie YM (24-27 July) (.pdf, 12kb)
Netherlands YM (16-18 May) (.pdf, 126kb)
The New Association of Friends (23 August) (.pdf, 52kb)
North Pacific YM (English) (23-27 July) (.pdf, 98kb) / español (23-27 de julio) (.pdf, 77kb)
Pacific YM (14-19 July) (.pdf, 77.5kb)
South Central YM (.pdf, 279kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (19-22 June) (.pdf, 1.56mb)
Western YM (17-20 July) (.pdf, 51kb)

Alaska Friends Conference (20-22 September) (.pdf, 41kb)
Aotearoa-New Zealand YM (10-13 May) (.pdf, 125kb)
Australia YM (5-12 January) (.pdf, 90kb)
Baltimore YM (4 August) (.pdf, 103kb)
Cuba YM (.pdf, 102kb) (in Spanish / en español)
France YM (25-28 July) (.pdf, 61kb)
FWCC Europe and Middle East Section (2-5 May) (.pdf, 68kb)
German YM (31 October – 3 November) (.pdf, 91kb)
Nairobi YM (21-25 August) (.pdf, 53kb)
Netherlands YM (17-21 May) (.pdf, 99kb)
Nordic Gathering(27-30 June) (.pdf, 182kb)
Northwest YM (USA) (21-25 July) (.pdf, 81kb)
Pacific YM (29 July – 3 August) (.pdf, 111kb)
South Central YM (28-31 March) (.pdf, 66kb)

Japan YM (17-18 November) (.pdf, 84kb)
Denmark YM (24-25 March) (.pdf, 50kb)
German YM (18-21 October) (.pdf, 11kb)
Ireland YM (12-15 April) (.pdf, 93kb)
Indiana YM (26-29 July) (.pdf, 77kb)
Lake Erie YM (26-29 July) (.pdf, 186kb)
Northern YM (25-28 May) (.pdf, 77kb)
Ohio Valley YM (25-29 July) (.pdf, 184kb)
Switzerland YM (.pdf, 258kb)