An Online Conference with Friends Worldwide (2020)

FWCC Sustainability: An Online Conference with Friends Worldwide (2020)

In response to the 2016 Pisac Sustainability Minute, FWCC has been exploring the work Quakers are doing on sustainability across the world and asking Friends and Yearly Meetings to take action to promote sustainability at all levels, including the global level. Four years on, we recognised the need to gather, to share, to understand where were as a family sharing this urgent concern. This led to FWCC hosting the first online conference with Friends worldwide asking Friends ‘How does God call us to act?’.

During the conference, a group of Elders was listening to the spoken ministry. After the conference, they wrote a reflective statement. This cannot be an epistle for the conference, because those gathered will do not have the chance to approve it. However, it can act as a sense of where Friends are today, and it can help prepare us for our next gathering at the World Plenary in 2023.

It is our hope that it will lead to continuing dialogue and engagement with sustainability concerns.