2010 FWCC Global Change Consultation

Mending the World: A Broken Covenant? Friends’ responses to Global Change. An FWCC Consultation

Summary: In response to an ever-growing concern about global change from Friends in many different countries, in 2009 the FWCC Central Executive Committee embarked upon a programme to discern the merits of a more coordinated Friends’ response and a deeper understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of  Friends’ witness in relation to global change and its myriad facets.To aid its consideration of a response to this issue, the Central Executive Committee convened an international ad hoc Feasibility Committee which produced a report for the March 2009 CEC meeting. The CEC accepted the report with appreciation and decided to move forward with most of its recommendations: to convene regional/local cluster gatherings to hear the voices of Friends impacted by global change and to convene a gathering to discern what Friends can offer this global movement. FWCC provided a website to collect links and information about Friends’ statements, groups, study packs, and links relating to global change.
This consultation led directly to the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice issued at the World Conference of Friends held in 2012.

The origin of the 2010 Global Change Consultation (PDF)