In order to keep the world family of Friends (Quakers) connected, we share a number of resources each year, including videos, publications, and articles relating to our projects and programmes.

Living the Spirit of Ubuntu – Poster

Living the Spirit of Ubuntu

Climate Emergency Fund Guidelines and Application Form

Climate Emergency Fund Guidelines Climate Emergency Fund Application Form

Restorative Justice Around the World: A brief guide, for the Crimes Commission

Below is a leaflet on Restorative Justice Around the World, as mentioned at the Crimes Commission on 16 May 2024. This leaflet is in 2 sections, outside and inside, so that when you…

World Plenary Meeting Songbook

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World Plenary Meeting Study Guide

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World Plenary Meeting – Care of Creation Resources

Every Part of Creation Matters – a paper presented by Kees Nieuwerth at the European Christian Environmental Network, August 2023 (doc) (Can also be found at…

Minute from South Wales Area Meeting on Stop Ecocide

Ubuntu mp3s

Video: Welcoming Friends to the World Plenary Meeting in 2024

A short video made by Southern Africa Yearly Meeting, about the Zulu word ubuntu, which means “I am because you are”. The 2024 World Plenary…