Nozizwe and Jeremy Madlala-Routledge, based in the FWCC Africa section of FWCC, spoke for our 7th Session of Quaker Conversations, to the title: Social Revolution & Adaptive Community; Parallels between … Read more

In late November 2020 we heard from two Friends in the Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC speaking to the title: What is it mine to do? Quaker journeys in … Read more

In November, 2020, Gray Handley spoke at the 5 Quaker Conversations session called: Speaking Truth to Power during a Pandemic: A Quaker Scientist’s Reflections.  

In October 2020, FWCC was joined by Diane Randall (from Friends Committee on National Legislation) and Andrew Lane (Quaker Council for European Affairs) to speak in the fourth Quaker Conversations … Read more

In August 2020, Tim Gee, from Britain Yearly Meeting spoke to the title ‘Peace, Environment and the Kingdom of Heaven’ in the Quaker Conversations webinar series.  

In July 2020, Andrew Tomlinson, the then Director of the Quaker United Nations office in NY spoke to the title ‘Changing the world of the top down: Reflections from QUNO … Read more

In June 2020, Simon Lamb, Clerk of FWCC, spoke to the title ‘What does it mean to be a Quaker today? in our first session of Quaker Conversations.  

Throughout 2021 in the run up to the UN climate negotiations COP26, the British and the Italian Embassies together with the Holy See convened a series of meetings of religious … Read more