Launching Quaker Conversations, Series 2!

27 September 2021

Quaker conversations (series2) Cover. (2292 x 1679 px)

Based on the first series of Quaker Conversations from June 2019 – July 2020, FWCC have decided to run another series from October 2021. 

In its role of providing connective tissue, FWCC offered a series of Quaker Conversation sessions to any Friends who want to listen and learn and contribute to concerns important to Friends, particularly during the time of grief and reflection and transformation in 2020. From June 2020 to July 2021, FWCC offered 10 online webinars as part of a series called Quaker Conversations. Each webinar lasted 1.5 hours, hosted on Zoom, and made in partnership with either a Quaker organization such as Quaker United Nations Office, or one of the four FWCC sections.

During August 2021, with the help of feedback friends around the world, we reviewed of the first series of Quaker Conversations. We learned we sold over 1,374 tickets for our 10 sessions, and partnered with Quaker organisations/agencies such as Quaker United Nations Office, Quaker Council for Europe Affairs, Friends Committee on National Legislation and more. From our participant feedback, we heard that:

  • Friends enjoyed the structure of the sessions, but wanted more room for meeting Friends. So we’ve added a third breakout room space to meet and greet Friends around the world.
  • Friends wanted to learn more about evangelical branches of Quakerism. So keep an eye out for future topics of conversations!
  • Friends

Quaker Conversations (2)  – is a series of online conversations in real time, hosted by FWCC. In each session, we invite Friends around the world and a speaker to talk to a specific question or theme.

But just like last time, this series isn’t just about our wonderful speakers – this is about our shared conversation. Over an hour and a half we will hear from Quakers around the world and across the branches about a theme or topic. 

Each session includes breakout rooms for you to meet and talk with Friends in another pocket of the world. Who do you know who needs to be at the conversation? Who do you know who needs to be present to listen and talk?

It’s a safe space to learn, listen, and explore. Come, join our conversation!

Each session is:

  • A one off / standalone theme / topic / question
  • 1 hr 30 mins long
  • Held on Zoom (with space for breakout rooms)

Find out more, and how to register, over on the events section of our website.