Quaker Conversations – Series 1 review

12 October 2021

Quaker Conversations Series 1: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic which hit the world at the end of 2019, the FWCC World Office set to planning and running a series of online webinars from June 2020 to July 2021. The hope was that the 10 online webinars, as part of a series called Quaker Conversations, created a space for Friends to learn from one another and be with one another.

Each webinar lasted 1.5 hours, hosted on Zoom, and was curated in partnership with either a Quaker organisation such as the Quaker United Nations Office, or one of the four FWCC Sections.

Purpose of the Quaker Conversation Series: In its role of providing connective tissue, FWCC offered a series of Quaker Conversation sessions to anyone who wanted to listen and learn and contribute to concerns important to Friends, particularly during this time of grief and reflection and transformation.

Overall: First and foremost, we would like to thank all of those Friends who attended one or all of the 10 sessions. The series aimed to be a conversation, and a space to talk with Friends worldwide, so the wide participation is something we celebrate. We would also like to thank all of our wonderful speakers from across the four FWCC sections, and from Quaker agencies around the world.

Following an internal review, and with feedback from Friends on the series, we found that over 1,375 tickets were booked, and we had 1,419 re-watches on YouTube.

One Friend said:

”I am just so very thankful to be a Friend and have this opportunity to meet other Friends around the world.”

Due to the success of the adventure the FWCC World Office undertook, we are pleased to announce that we will be re-launching Quaker Conversations for a second series. The first session of Quaker Conversations series 2, session 1, will be on Saturday 31st of October.

We hope to see you there!