New pastures for our outgoing General Secretary

09 September 2021

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New pastures for our outgoing General Secretary as Gretchen Castle has been named dean of Earlham School of Religion

In early 2020 we shared the news that Gretchen Castle was stepping down as FWCC’s General Secretary.

However, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gretchen stayed with FWCC in order to support the organisation (and the Quaker world) when we needed leadership. But now in June 2021, we’re pleased to announce that Gretchen Castle will become the next dean of Earlham School of Religion and stepping back from her position as FWCC’s General Secretary in July 2021.

Gretchen says that:

“Earlham grounded my Quaker experience and gave me the great gift of knowing I have a place in the world. The life I live, the choices I make, the people I love — matter [..] I learned this at Earlham and working among Friends for most of my life.”

We wish Gretchen the very best in her next Quaker leadership adventure, and in turn, we look forward to welcoming FWCC’s next General Secretary in late July 2021.