Asia West Pacific Section gathering

17 July 2023

Registrations are open for the Asia West Pacific Section Meeting, which will take place in Hong Kong from 19 – 23 October.

As the last Asia West Pacific Section Meeting to take place before the 2024 World Plenary, the meeting will consider proposed strategic directions for FWCC, as well as being a first opportunity to sing together from the all-new World Quaker Songbook.

Some of the themes for the gathering will include:

• Cherishing one another, and our home (Connecting with Friends)
• Providing means of subsistence, learning and participation (Connecting with Quaker processes)
• Choosing to wear “the garment of Destiny” (Martin Luther King Jnr’s phrase) (Connecting with the future)
• Responding with Hope: Living Adventurously (Committing to Plans)

To book or if you have any questions, email [email protected]