Quaker Collaborations

Where possible Quaker organisations try to support one another and their work. This is because the founding principles of Quakerism are shared by each organisation. 

Over 2020, many of the Heads of Quaker organisations began meeting more regularly to offer support and collaboration where possible. This was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in home working and the increasing use of videoconferencing calls for all meetings.

A result of one of the networking calls led to FWCC setting up of the Global Quaker Sustainability Network, where staff from various Quaker organisations (such as Quaker United Nations Offices, Quaker Council for European Affairs, Friends Committee for National Legislation, and more), gather online to join their strengths and projects to support one another to meet their aims.

We look forward to where the future Quaker collaborations will lead for the good of the Quaker community worldwide.