George Fox’s 400th Birthday

30 November 2023

Illustration by Marcela Terán/Liberation Works

Celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the birth of Quaker co-founder George Fox will take place throughout 2024. Many of these events can be joined online, from around the world.

Although Fox was born in July, celebrations will take place throughout the year, including an all-age party at the historic Arch Street Meeting House in Philadelphia, a special exhibition at the Quaker Tapestry museum, celebrations at Yearly Meetings, and many online courses and events.

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You can download a birthday pack designed to support Quaker meetings, Friends churches, schools and other bodies to organise events & activities. The pack, which is available in English and in Spanish, features children’s stories, a dramatic monologue, Bible study and prompts for worship sharing, as well as ideas for possible songs, meditations and courses.

George Fox 400 Birthday Pack

George Fox 400 Paquete de Cumpleaños

If you are planning an event in 2024 that could incorporate George Fox’s 400th birthday celebrations, or you are organising an event to mark the occasion, please let us know by emailing us or you can complete this form. A list of planned events will be published in due course.

Special thanks go to Melinda Wenner Bradley (Section of the Americas), Ronis Chapman (AWPS), Zablon Malenge (Africa Section) and Woodbrooke Staff (EMES) for serving as advisers on the birthday pack, as well as Ruth Harland (Belgium & Luxembourg YM) for the design and Marcela Teran/Liberation Works for the illustrations.

Further resources will be posted here as they become available.