George Fox’s 400th Birthday

01 January 2024

Video: Who was George Fox? Watch this video from the Quaker Tapestry museum to find out


Celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the birth of Quaker co-founder George Fox are taking place throughout 2024, including birthday parties, speaker events and contemplative meetings. Many of these gatherings can be joined online, from around the world.

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The best known song about George Fox, ‘There’s a Light That is Shining‘, is currently under copyright. To enable Friends to sing it freely at events however, FWCC has paid the copyright fee.

You might also enjoy a new song, Hill of Vision, written as for the 400th anniversary, set to the tune ‘Slane’, which forms part of the World Quaker Songbook.

Birthday pack

You can download a birthday pack designed to support Quaker communities to organise events & activities which features children’s stories, a dramatic monologue, Bible study and prompts for worship sharing.

George Fox 400 Birthday Pack (English)

George Fox 400 Paquete de Cumpleaños (Spanish)

Tell us more!

If you are planning an event in 2024 that could incorporate George Fox’s 400th birthday celebrations, or you are organising an event to mark the occasion, please let us know by emailing us.