George Fox’s 400th Birthday

12 June 2022

Illustration by Marcela Terán/Liberation Works

Planning for George Fox’s 400th Birthday

“I was born in the month called July in the year 1624, at Drayton-in-the-Clay in Leicestershire”  
– From the first page of George Fox’s Journal

2024, will mark 400 years since the birth of George Fox. Fox wasn’t the only founder of the Quaker movement, but he was certainly central to creating the Religious Society of Friends which is a presence today across the world.

So far this year, Friends from at least 30 different countries have shared more than 100 ideas for ways for this to be an international and intergenerational opportunity for reflection and rejuvenation, and to do something joyful together.

Early plans include birthday parties, events in the places named after George Fox or where pivotal moments in his life took place, open air meetings, re-enactments, children’s stories and songs, even ‘letters to George Fox’ about how the movement he helped start is getting on.

The Friends World Committee for Consultation will now start making a resource pack to assist anyone planning to organise an event. Sign up below to receive the resource pack when it is available. Don’t wait for us though. What kinds of activities would work well where you are?