FWCC Sections

FWCC works across five offices. One World Office and four Section offices. All four Sections have within them a diversity of cultures, language, and theological orientation.  Each Section operates independently in terms of strategic direction and finance/budgeting, while enjoying collaborative work across the 4 Sections and the World Office. 

Africa Section 

The FWCC Africa Section, which was founded in 1971, is based at the Friends International Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. The Section is in touch with yearly meetings and groups of Friends in Africa within the context of FWCC’s aims and purposes. The Section provides a useful point of consultation for other FWCC offices, for other Quaker organisations, and for international matters such as FWCC representation at UN conferences. The Section has developed many useful partnerships with other Quaker organisations, including Friends United Meeting, the American Friends Service Committee, and Britain Yearly Meeting’s Quaker Peace and Social Witness.

Friends World Committee for Consultation – Africa Section (fwcc.africa). Click to email the Section Secretary.

Asia West Pacific Section 

The Asia West Pacific Section brings Friends of varying Quaker traditions and cultures together to celebrate Quaker heritage and to work collectively on international concerns. Asia West Pacific Section is the newest of the sections and was formed in 1985. The first business meeting was held in 1988 in Tokyo at the FWCC Triennial (a world gathering). The Asia West Pacific Section spans a myriad of countries and languages, and worship styles are varied in meetings and churches across the region, with programmed meetings, unprogrammed meetings, and evangelical churches in membership. The Section also has many small Quaker groups and individual Friends scattered across the region.

FWCCAWPS – Asia West-Pacific Section of the Friends’ World Committee for Consultation. Click to email the Section Secretary.

Europe and Middle East

FWCC EMES is the collective body for Quaker meetings in Europe and the Middle East. All individual members of yearly meetings and groups affiliated with EMES are members of FWCC. The European Section of FWCC was recognised in 1938, at the first FWCC Committee Meeting held in Vallekilde, Denmark. The name was changed to Europe and Middle East Section (EMES) in 1992. EMES maintains close relations with Europe and Middle East Young Friends, the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva, and the Quaker Council for European Affairs in Brussels. 

FWCC-EMES (fwccemes.org)Click to email the Section Secretary.

Section of the Americas

FWCC Section of the Americas strives to weave together the strands of Quakerism across the Americas. In the Americas, the Quaker community extends from the Arctic to the Andes, spanning a rich diversity of regional cultures, beliefs and styles of worship. The Americas Section held its first meeting in 1938. In the 1970s the Section of the Americas held a hemispheric conference which provided an opportunity for Latin American Friends to become better acquainted and discuss areas of shared interest and concern. Over the following decades, groups of Friends and Yearly Meetings from many countries have joined and transformed what was originally an organizing committee into what is now the Comité de los Amigos Latinoamericanos (Committee of Latin American Friends, or COAL).

Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas | FWCC Quakers (fwccamericas.org). Click to email the Section Secretary.