Calendar of Yearly Meetings, 2021

This calendar is a work in progress, listing the dates we currently know. We invite Friends to inform us of the dates of their Yearly Meetings. More information will be added here as Yearly Meetings publicize their meeting dates.

Important Notice: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world, many of the Yearly Meetings are cancelled, or changed to be held online.

Check with the website of the Yearly Meeting or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Southern Africa Yearly Meeting: January 2–10

Peru National Evangelical Friends’ Church: January 7–9

Honduras Yearly Meeting: Second week of January (11–17?)

Bolivia National Evangelical Friends’ Church: January 13–17

El Salvador Yearly Meeting: January 22–23 by Zoom

Bolivia – Unión Boliviana Yearly Meeting: January

Monteverde Monthly Meeting: January

Bhopal Yearly Meeting: February 14


Cuba Yearly Meeting: February 18–21

Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting: February 26–27

Section of the Americas Section Meeting: March 12–21

Ireland Yearly Meeting: April 8–11

Border Meeting: April 16–18 

Mexico General Meeting: May

Europe and Middle East Section Annual Meeting: May 79

Sweden Yearly Meeting: May 13–16

Aotearoa-New Zealand Yearly Meeting: May 14–17

Switzerland Yearly Meeting: May 21–24

Netherlands Yearly Meeting: May 28–30

Central European Gathering: June 3–6

Norway Yearly Meeting: June 24–27

Europe and Middle East Young Friends’ Summer Gathering: July 1724

Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering: July 31 – August 8

Ohio Yearly Meeting: August 3–8

Tanzania Yearly Meeting: August 25–29

Border Meeting: September 10–12

Central European Gathering: September 10 – 13

German Yearly Meeting: October 14–17

Belgium and Luxembourg Yearly Meeting: October 15–17

France Yearly Meeting: October 29 – November 1


Nordic Yearly Meeting 2022: 30 June – 3 July

Reunión General de los Amigos en Mexico (General Meeting of Friends in Mexico): next held November 2022

Future Europe and Middle East Section Annual Meetings: May 20–23 2022, May 2023