Global fundraising campaign

20 February 2023

In August 2024, the World Plenary Meeting will take place in South Africa and online for people from every country to worship together, build connections with Friends in other countries, and shape the direction of the Friends World Committee for Consultation.

In business sessions, those present consider decisions made by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) since the last World Plenary Meeting and give direction for where to go next.

However there is much more to these events. Past participants have often referred to the experience as transformational, because dialogue and worship with Friends from different countries and traditions has a tendency to strengthen all in the faith.

In order for the event to be inclusive, around half of the in-person places at the meeting will need to be subsidised by around $1300 (£1000), with a further $20,000 going towards support for Quaker communities in the Global South to participate online.

To achieve this, every section is helping to raise the funds for a successful and fair global gathering. In the Section of the Americas this forms part of a wider campaign, also helping enable Friends to be deeper rooted, connected and visible in their communities, for interpreter’s training, and better digital tools for finding Friends and Meetings.

Please donate:

Online at

– By cheque either to FWCC World Office, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AX or your local Section office.

To inquire about donating in the Americas, please contact Cara Palladino or (302) 689-3704 or [email protected].