Young Adult Friends Development Fund

The Young Adult Friends Development Fund was created from Quaker Youth Pilgrimage monies in 2019 to generate powerful experiences of deep spiritual connection and encouragement for Young Adult Friends across the four FWCC Sections and around the world to live out our mission of uniting Friends around the world.

In 2019, the Friends World Committee for Consultation announce the availability of the new Young Adult Friends Development Fund (YAFDfund) Quaker Youth Pilgrimage monies in 2019.

We hope that the Young Adult Friends Development Fund (YAFDfund) will enable Young Adult Friends to experience deep spiritual fellowship at international level, meet across different branches of the Quaker family, and/or learn about different variations of the same Quaker branch. It is our hope that this fund encourages the ever changing next generation of young adults to learn about, and understand the world family of Friends.

Please consider applying for events and projects that benefit and strengthen the network of Young Adult Friends around the world according to the objectives and requirements. This could include anything from running a Quaker leadership training course to planning a World Gathering of Young Friends (maybe connected to the next World Plenary Meeting in South Africa in 2024).

We have a preference for engaging in partnerships and for working across theological and cultural differences and across Sections.

Criteria of the YAFD Fund:

  1. FWCC only accepts applications from Quakers (organizations, members, or attenders)
    with a Letter of Endorsement from the yearly meeting (worship group in absence of
    a yearly meeting) or the Section.
  2. At least 50% of costs must be met by participants with the support of yearly
    meetings, monthly meetings, or churches. Creative financing, including challenge
    grants or collaborations are encouraged.
  3. Evaluations and reflections on the outcome of any event supported by FWCC will be
    made available after an event, project or programme has been completed.
  4. Where a programme is designed to serve a small number of Young Adult Friends (for
    example for intense leadership training) information will need to be provided about
    recruitment and selection criteria.
  5. Priority will be given to partnership proposals – for example we highly encourage
    some cross Section engagement (between at least one of the four FWCC Sections).
  6. Proposals must include provision for language interpretation and cultural learning
    as needed.
  7. Grants will be awarded in the amount of up to £7,000 GBP, and may be allocated in
  8. A budget must be provided.
  9. Longer term projects will be expected to be self-supporting.
  10. FWCC reserves the right to request reports in order to monitor progress. Please
    indicate who will be responsible for project financial accounting and reporting. This
    person will report to the FWCC Communications Manager.

Next application date: Applications are open. Email Tas Cooper ([email protected]) for more information 

How to apply:

All applications must include:

  1. A complete application form (including a letter of endorsement from your Yearly Meeting),
  2. A description of the project/programme (in no more than 4 pages, or 2000 words).
  3. A budget (including how you will meet 50% of the costs).

In the invitation there is a list of people you can contact in your Section and in the World Office. We highly encourage you to test your proposal – to share your thinking – with someone in FWCC before submitting an application.  Feel free to contact us.