Supporting Young Friends

One of the key aims of our work is to support Young Friends. Young Friends in 1920 recognised the need for a network of Quaker bodies across the Quaker branches, which led to the formation of FWCC.

Young Adult Friend Development Fund

The Young Adult Friends Development Fund was created from Quaker Youth Pilgrimage monies in 2019. We hope it will generate similarly powerful experiences of deep spiritual connection and encouragement for Young Adult Friends across the four FWCC Sections and around the world to live out our mission of uniting Friends around the world.

Young Friends Worldwide for Climate Action, Peace and Justice

From August 29 to October 24, 2020, Young Quakers worldwide were welcomed to a 10-week series of 5 online workshops to build a community of Young Quakers around the world  interested in Climate Action, Peace, and Justice.