International Membership

FWCC’s International Membership Programme acts as a support for both isolated Friends and newly-established worship groups. It nurtures individuals and supports groups by organising intervisitation, sending out correspondence, promoting conferences, and providing information about other Friends organisations. A listing with the International Membership programme provides recognition and presence within the world family of Friends.

Once a worship group becomes sufficiently established, the International Membership programme can also facilitate its becoming a member of an existing yearly meeting or section of FWCC. It should be noted that although FWCC provides nurture and contact, its role is consultative: it is not an authority of spiritual discernment and discipline in the way a yearly meeting provides.

Many of these Friends speak languages other than English. There is a Glossary of French terms to help with communication in French. Similarly there is a Spanish glossary on the Section of the Americas website. 

If you know of similar resources, please let Harry Albright know. More information is as follows:

Important: The International Membership Programme is not available to applicants who live within the remit of an established yearly or monthly meeting, or other Quaker body with responsibility for membership, no matter how isolated they might be.

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