Staff profiles

FWCC has a small staff team who support the international Quaker community to fulfil their work. The FWCC World Office is based in London, UK

Tim Gee

Tim Gee

General Secretary

Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)20 7663 1197

Tim joined FWCC in January 2022. As General Secretary, Tim has responsibility for the spiritual and administrative leadership of FWCC, working in collaboration with the four Sections. Tim has a broad range of experience working for organisations tackling issues of peace and social justice.

Hezron Masitsa

Justice & Peace Secretary

Email: [email protected]

Hezron is the lead point of contact between the Friends World Committee for Consultation and the two Quaker United Nations Offices in Geneva and New York. He also serves as coordinator of the Global Quaker Sustainability Network, and will be helping hold conversations about Historical Injustice, before and after the World Plenary Meeting in 2024. Hezron is a member of Nairobi Yearly Meeting, an experienced peacemaker and former Executive Secretary to the FWCC Africa Section.

Susanna Mattingly

Communications Manager

Email: [email protected] Phone: 020 7663 1196

Susanna manages FWCC's communications and is responsible for our social media, newsletters, websites, events and World Quaker Day. She joined FWCC in 2017 as the Sustainability Communications Officer running the Sustainability programme and supporting Quaker climate action around the world. Between August 2021 and January 2022 Susanna served as Acting General Secretary prior to the current General Secretary Tim Gee taking up the role.

Kim Bond

Office Administrator

Email: [email protected] Phone: 0207 663 1199

Kim has been working for FWCC since 2008 and is responsible for the general day-to-day running of the office. Kim arranges travel for staff and CEC members, coordinates mailings and volunteers in the World Office, and ensures all enquires are handled by the right person.

Tas Cooper

Database Manager

Email: [email protected]

Tas maintains the FWCC database ensuring that we can stay connected to Friends around the world. Tas also manages our online calendar of yearly meetings, receives epistles from yearly meetings and handles data protection for the World Office.

Elaine Bright

Finance Officer

Email: [email protected]

Elaine handles day-to-day finance for the FWCC World Office, liaising with the FWCC Treasurer, the auditors and the investment companies.

Harry Albright

International Membership Secretary

Email: [email protected]

Harry runs the International Membership programme, supporting isolated Friends and newly-established worship groups. Harry has been working for FWCC for many years and serves as the organisation's institutional memory!