Governing Committee

FWCC is a UK charity, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number 211647). Trustees, who serve on the Central Executive Committee (CEC), carry out governance and oversight functions for the World Office. The CEC consists of the FWCC Clerk and two Assistant Clerks, the Treasurer, the Clerks and Section Secretaries from each of the four Sections, the General Secretary, and three at-large members. Officers and at-large members are appointed by the International Nominations Committee.

Simon Lamb

Clerk of FWCC World Office


Simon is a member of Ireland Yearly Meeting and is based in Ireland. Simon was a key member of FWCC young work when he was younger and supports the CEC as the clerk. When Simon is not working with Quakers he is running is biscuit business.

Esther Mombo

FWCC World Office Assistant Clerk

Highlands Yearly Meeting in FWCC Africa Section. Esther Mombo is an associate professor in the theology department at St. Paul's University in Limuru, Kenya

Peter Ulathorne

FWCC World Office Treasurer


Myron Guachalla Montano

Member at-large

Myron is a member of Bolivia Central Yearly Meeting in Section of the Americas. Myron makes sure Young Friends are represented on an international level.

Thule Mbete

Member at-large

Thule is a member of Southern Africa Yearly Meeting.

Robin Mohr

Executive Secretary of Section of the Americas


Robin is a member of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

David Shiner

Clerk of Section of Americas


David is a member of Illinois Yearly Meeting.

Bainito Wamalwa

Clerk of Africa Section


Bainito is a member of East Africa YM-North.

Hezron Masitsa

Acting Secretary of FWCC Africa Section.


Nairobi Yearly Meeting.

Michael Eccles

Executive Secretary of Europe and Middle East Section (EMES).

Email: Phone: +44 7934 310715

Michael is a member of Britain Yearly Meeting and is based in Birmingham.

Ethel Livemore

Clerk of Europe and Middle East Section (EMES)


Ethel is a member of Britain Yearly Meeting based in London.

Adrian Glamorgan

Secretary Asia West Pacific Section (AWPS)


Adrian is a member of Australia Yearly Meeting. He lives in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Jonathan Fletcher

Clerk of Asia West Pacific Section.

Jonathan lives in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Elizabeth Cazden

Assistant Clerk FWCC World Office.

Elizabeth goes by Betsy and is a member of New England Yearly Meeting. She is based in the FWCC Section of the Americas.