Young Friends for Climate Action, Peace and Justice Planning Committee

Together, the planning committee for Young Friends Worldwide for Climate Action, Peace, and Justice designed a 10 week series of 5 online workshops for Friends around the world concerned with climate action, peace, and justice. 

They are made up of friends from across the Quaker branches and from all four FWCC sections.

Find out more about the Young Quaker climate series here (including summary statements, and video extracts).

Africa Section

Young Izere is a Young Quaker from the Burundian Friends Church. He acts as a youth leader in this part of the African Quaker section. He inspires Burundian young Friends to pursue Personal Faith, Peace, and Sustainability through fruitful actions that reflect Quaker values. Young Izere networks with Quakers around the world to connect with the different Quaker branches. He is currently a computer science student and is interested in investigating and adopting methods that aim at sustainable development while overcoming the challenges that are related to climate. Since he attended the Quaker United Nations Summer School (in 2018), Young has been concerned about climate justice and believes that “our future lives on this planet will depend on how we live today.”

Ndahimana Epa is a Ugandan agricultural economist whose passion and work is toward assessing the effect of climate change on sustainable food production and consumption and how smallholder farmers in developing countries can be helped to adapt and gain resilience to climate change and climate variability. He has worked on projects with The UNDEP’s Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly in Africa (EBAFOSA), Women, Food and Climate Justice Project with Oxfam in Uganda and on DFID supported projects Under Weather and Climate Services for Africa (WISER). His daily work involves enabling smallholder farmers access to early warning information for resilience, adaptation and mitigation of climate change and promoting the use  of climate resilience crops like cassava.

Aisa West Pacific Section (AWPS)

Anya Bukholt – Payne. Feeling that her school failed  her in climate change education, at 15 Anya founded The Climate Challenge, a youth-for-youth organisation which runs conferences across Aotearoa/New Zealand for high school aged young people. Four years later over 1000 youth from across the country have passed through the program and the organisation is working to support better climate education in high school classrooms. Anya is currently leading the development of content for a new climate change program for primary schools across Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Europe and Middle East Section (EMES)

Anya Nanning Ramamurthy is a life-long Quaker. She puts her faith into action, fighting for climate justice which she sees as the core of Quaker beliefs and testimonies: she believes peace and equality are integral to climate justice. Last year she spoke of this, on behalf of Quakers, at the largest ever mass lobby of United Kingdom Parliament. She is an active member of the UK Student Climate Network and has been engaged with organising many of the youth climate strikes in London, including mobilizing for the largest ever climate strike in world history (September 20th 2019). Earlier this year, she spoke at FWCC’s Online Sustainability Conference. She is currently involved in the ‘Build Back Better’ campaign, which is calling on the UK Government for a just and green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Detmer Kremer (he/him) is a young Quaker originally from the rural Dutch north but has spent time in the States, Singapore, and now in Geneva at the Quaker United Nations Office where he is the Human Impacts of Climate Change Programme Assistant. Growing up in a land below the sea-level, climate change has always been prominent for Detmer, but as he grew up and learned how climate change connects with issues such as racism, justice, and peace it became clear that climate change is a symptom of how we choose to live on Earth, and that transformative change across the board is necessary for people and planet. Detmer also loves cats and has a tendency to buy books faster than he can read them.

Pearl Johns has attended Meeting since birth and recently came into membership. She was very influenced by Quaker values as a child and feels that these have heavily influenced her commitment to climate justice and social equity. In April 2019 Pearl introduced Greta Thunberg and Green Party politician Caroline Lucas to 1000 at the Guardian Live Event at Friends House, on behalf of Quakers in Britain. Recently this involved being part of a subvertising campaign exposing the ecocide committed by Barclays Bank. She has also worked for Bristol Area Meeting to declare a statement of climate emergency; they have been the first Area Meeting in British Quakers to do so. She is currently part of a committee working out how Bristol Quakers will respond to this declaration and how they will meet their target of carbon net zero by 2030.

Section of the Americas

Julia Carrigan is a Quaker and climate change organizer from New Jersey in the United States. A member of Mickleton Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in the US, she is grateful for the opportunity to use her Spanish to travel and worship with Quakers all over Latin America— from Costa Rica to Bolivia to Cuba. She is passionate about math and filmmaking in addition to passing legislation that fights the climate crisis through the thick lens of addressing social inequality.


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