From August 29 to October 24, 2020, Young Quakers worldwide were welcomed to a 10 week series of 5 online workshops to build a community of Young Quakers around the world who are interested in Climate Action, Peace, and Justice.

The workshop was made by young Friends across the four branches of FWCC, for Young Friends around the world. You can read more about the planning committee here.

Below is a list of all the statements from the workshops, video extracts and more.

Aims of the online workshops were:

  • To build a network of Young Quakers around the world, and across Quaker branches, who are engaged in climate action, peace, and justice
  • To allow Young Quakers to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts on climate justice, peace, and justice.
  • To create a reflective statement from each of the 5 online workshops and a final statement from the whole experience that outlines plans for the future of this Young Quaker global community, and their hopes for the wider global Quaker community.

Read the summary statements from the five workshops:

Summary Statements in English

Summary Statements in German

Summary Statements in Spanish

Summary Statements in French

Video extracts from the series:

Below is a link to a series of videos of short video clips from four of the five workshops. They give a flavour of some of the young Friends speaking about one of the Quaker Testimonies (Truth, Equality, Peace, or Simplicity) and what it means to them in relation to climate action, peace, and justice.

Join the Young Quaker Worldwide Community

This online series was just the beginning of the Young Quaker work for climate action. If you would like to join the network of Young Friends or have ideas for FWCC and how we can support Young Friends around the world who are passionate about climate action, please email