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Alaska Friends Conference (28-31 July) (.pdf, 131kb)
Australia YM (2-9 July) (.pdf, 448kb)
Belgium and Luxembourg YM (10-12 June) (.pdf, 453kb)
Britain YM (27-30 May) (.pdf, 140kb)

Cuba YM (21 February) (.pdf, 219kb)
Illinois YM (22-26 June) (.pdf, 178kb)
Indiana YM (28-31 July) (.pdf, 217kb)
Intermountain YM (6-12 June) (.pdf, 51kb)
Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (26-31 July) (.pdf, 213kb)
Ireland YM (31 March-3 April) (.pdf, 251kb)
Nairobi YM (17-21 August) (.pdf, 69kb)
Netherlands YM (3-5 June) (.pdf, 190kb)
New England YM (6-11 August) (.pdf, 1980 kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (14-17 July) (.pdf, 39kb)
North Pacific YM (13-17 July) (.pdf, 38kb)
Ohio Valley YM (27-31 July) (.pdf, 268kb)
Pacific YM (17-22 June) (.pdf, 169kb)
Ramallah MM (Summer) (.pdf, 348kb)
Southeastern YM (23-27 March) (.pdf, 75kb)
Switzerland YM (13-16 May) (.pdf, 151kb)

Western YM (14-17 July) (.pdf, 163kb)

Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (8-11 May) (.pdf, 79kb)
Australia YM (3-10 January) (.pdf, 204kb)
Baltimore YM (3-9 August(.pdf, 60kb)
Belgium and Luxembourg YM (10 May) (.pdf, 818kb)
Britain YM (1-4 May) (.pdf, 30kb)

Canadian YM (14-22 August) (.pdf, 146kb)
Central and Southern Africa YM
  (2-8 January) (.pdf, 46kb)
Cuba YM (February) (.pdf, 397kb)
Europe & Middle East Young Friends (4-11 April) (.pdf, 718kb)
FWCC Europe and Middle East Section (4-7 June) (.pdf, 105kb)
German YM (22-25 October) (.pdf, 45kb)
Illinois YM (24-28 June) (.pdf, 56kb)
Intermountain YM (10-14 June)
Iowa Conservative YM (22-26 July) (.pdf, 96kb)
Ireland YM (9-12 April) (.pdf, 53kb)
Netherlands YM (29-31 May) (.pdf, 209kb)
New England YM (1-6 August) (.pdf, 57kb)
New York YM (19-25 July) (.pdf, 95kb)
North Carolina YM (Conservative) (15-19 July) (.pdf, 278kb)
North Pacific YM (15-19 July) (.pdf, 52kb)
Northern YM (22-25 May) (.pdf, 56kb)
Norway YM (25-28 June) (.pdf, 144kb)
Ohio Valley YM (29 July – 2 August) (.pdf, 142kb)
Pacific YM (13-18 July) (.pdf, 121kb)
Southeastern YM (1-5 April) (.pdf, 100kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (11-14 June) (.pdf, 57kb)
Sweden YM (25-28 June) (.pdf, 88kb)
Switzerland YM (22-25 May) (.pdf, 56kb)
Uganda (19-23 August) (.pdf, 75kb)

Aotearoa/New Zealand YM (23-26 May)

Central European Gathering (29 May-1 June)
Cuba YM (21-23 February) (.pdf, 34kb)
Denmark YM (29-30 March) (.pdf, 50kb)
Europe and Middle East Young Friends (12-19 April) (.pdf, 32kb)
German YM (2-5 October) (.pdf, 55kb)
Ireland YM (24-27 April)
Japan YM (15-16 November) (.pdf. 69kb)
Lake Erie YM (24-27 July) (.pdf, 11.5kb)
Netherlands YM (16-18 May) (.pdf, 126kb)
North Pacific YM (English) (23-27 July) (.pdf, 98kb)
North Pacific YM (Spanish) (23-27 de julio) (.pdf, 77kb)
Pacific YM (14-19 July) (.pdf, 77.5kb)
Southern Appalachian YM and Association (19-22 June) (.pdf, 1.56mb)
Western YM (17-20 July) (.pdf, 51kb)

Alaska Friends Conference
Aotearoa/New Zealand
FWCC Europe and Middle East Section
Nairobi YM
New York YM
Nordic Gathering
Pacific YM
South Central YM

Lake Erie
Ohio Valley