Continuing but changing work during COVID-19 outbreak

We are all facing unprecedented times. During the coronavirus outbreak, our FWCC team are working remotely from our homes. 

We continue our work, and we are taking the opportunity to try new things. As a small team, we are fortunately able to easily connect via emails and online meetings, appreciating the support of our Quaker network.  We hope you also know that you can rely on Quakers being present for you, in whatever form that takes.   We are saddened by the cancellation of meetings where we value time to meet face-to-face to plan future FWCC work, connect with our colleagues around the world and reground ourselves in our mission. We have moved our Central Executive Committee  in Brussels to an online version, as many groups are doing.   We have cancelled the International Planning Committee which was scheduled for June. Sections are adjusting Executive Committee meetings and Section Meetings, too.  

Yet we have also been humbled by Friends’ responses to take on the opportunity of finding new ways to gather together. Friends, programmed and unprogrammed, are finding new ways of meeting around the world. We hear reports that people who have not been attending church or meeting are finding worship online to be a great source of courage. 

So, as we settle into this new way of working together, we ask that you respect the slight change to our work, but remain hopeful to continue our mission of ”Answering God’s call to universal love, FWCC brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications, and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world’’.


Wishing you every blessing at this challenging time.  Stay safe, be kind, and keep praying! God does not sleep.

Friendly greetings,
Gretchen and the World Office staff

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