How does God call us to act: An Online Conference with Friends Worldwide

‘‘Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.’’ 1 Corinthians 16:13


We are inviting you to join an online conference on sustainability with Friends around the world.

As Friends, we recognise the need to respond to sustainability. In 2016, at our last world gathering, we generated the Pisac Sustainability Minute which has led to exploring the work Quakers are doing on sustainability across the world, asking Friends and Yearly Meetings to take action to promote sustainability at all levels, including the global level.

But now, almost four years on, we recognise the need to gather, to share, to understand where we as a family sharing this urgent concern.


This online conference will create space to hear from one another around the world on matters relating to sustainability and to understand how as Quakers we feel we are being called to act. The conference is being held in part due to the request at the World Plenary Meeting in Peru in 2016 that FWCC bring Friends together in-between our world gatherings in order to maintain connection and community. But specifically, this will allow us to gather the Quaker voice to move forward on sustainability concerns. How do we feel called to act? How does our radical faith speak to us?

Aim of the online conference

  • To galvanise and gather the Quaker voice on sustainability.
  • Share progress, ideas and learnings since Pisac minute in 2016. Where are Quakers now?
  • Explore how God calls us to this – we are stronger when we are together.

The details

On Saturday 22 February 2020, there will be an online conference spanning 11 hours. You will be able to join one of three start times, for a duration of 3 hours.

All of the worship sharing will be in English, For French and Spanish interpretation see the table by clicking ‘more information’ below.

More information

Read the invitation in Spanish