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Use these resources to strengthen the collective Quaker voice on sustainability. Support the climate movement by downloading and sharing these videos, posters, case studies and other materials. If you have any resources you would like to share with Friends worldwide, please email us.

Quaker case studies: Sustainability in Action

Learn how Quaker meetings and churches around the world are responding to the climate crisis. If you would like to share your story as a case study, please contact us.

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Personal testimonies: Facing the Challenge of Climate Change as Friends

Read personal stories about the climate witness of Friends:


These videos can be used to support Quaker work for earth justice at the local level. We encourage you to watch the videos with others in your meeting or church, followed by a structured sharing session, to discern how the Spirit is inviting you to act in response to the multiple interlocking ecological issues affecting creation.

Do you want to record your story as a video? If so, please contact us.


    • A Quaker Take: On Climate Change – In this episode, Quakers in Britain talk to Susanna Mattingly from Friends Worlds Committee for Consultation about the role of Quakers in the wider climate movement and what Quaker action to tackle climate breakdown looks like in different parts of the world.


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