Sustainability, defined in the broadest sense, includes concerns around climate change, peace, depletion of natural resources, human rights and economic justice. Friends worldwide are considering the issue of sustainability in relation to our faith and the underlying spiritual imperative prompting us to take action so that life on earth will continue.

Quakers are urgently concerned with the human impacts of climate change and the interconnected issues of peace, justice, human rights and the prevention of violent conflict.

This concern was galvanized in the Global Change work at the Dublin Triennial in 2007, which then led on to the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice in 2012 and the Pisac Sustainability Minute which came out of the World Plenary Meeting in Peru in 2016.

Friends approved the Pisac Minute on Living Sustainably and Sustaining Life on Earth “in this effort for sustainability and mindful of the urgency of this work”, asking Friends and Yearly Meetings to take action to promote sustainability at all levels, including the global level.

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Sustainability in action – we want to hear from you

Help us learn more about your yearly meeting and sustainability:

  • What specific sustainability challenges and opportunities are you and your yearly meeting experiencing?
  • What would you like to see happen?
  • What help or support do you need?
  • Share your inspiring stories of ‘living sustainably and sustaining life on earth’.

Please get in touch:

Susanna Mattingly, Sustainability Communications Officer

I support yearly meetings around the world to take further action on the Sustainability Minute approved at the World Plenary Meeting in Pisac, Peru in 2016, which asks yearly meetings to initiate at least two concrete actions on sustainability, involving Young Friends in key roles.

At FWCC we are collecting and sharing stories of Friends’ concerns and actions on sustainability across the world, and how these are shaped by the underlying spiritual imperative prompting us to take action to make the world a better place.

We connect existing Young Friends’ networks to foster links across FWCC’s four Sections and different Quaker traditions, engaging Young Adult Friends in a global Quaker sustainability movement.