In the time of the ‘great revealer’, we are living into a renewed creation

In its role of providing connective tissue, FWCC is offering a series of Quaker Conversation sessions to any Friends who want to listen and learn and contribute to concerns important to Friends, particularly during this time of grief and reflection and transformation.

Each session was facilitated by the FWCC World Office, and done jointly with other Quaker partners as we share the work and uphold each other in Quaker work. Below is a list of video extracts from the series so far.

Video Extracts from the Quaker Conversation Sessions.

Quaker Conversation, session 1 with Simon Lamb (FWCC Clerk). June 2020

Quaker Conversation, session 2 with Andrew Tomlinson from Quaker United Nations Office, New York. July 2020

Quaker Conversation, session 3 with Tim Gee, a British Quaker exploring Peace, Environment and the Kingdom of Heaven. August 2020

Quaker Conversation, session 4 with Diane Randall from Friends Committee on National Legislation and Andrew Lane from Quaker Council for European Affairs. October 2020

Quaker Conversation, Session 5 with Gray Handley. Speaking Truth to Power during a Pandemic: A Quaker Scientist’s Reflections. November 2020

Quaker Conversation, Session 6: What is it mine to do? Quaker journeys in AWPS (Asia West Pacific Section). November 2020

Quaker Conversation, session 7 : Social Revolution & Adaptive Community; Parallels between Apartheid & a Pandemic Mentality with Nozizwe and Jeremy Madlala-Routledge

For the links and resources mentioned in session 7 are as follows:

Quaker Conversation, session 8 : How do we seize the moment to protect God’s creation and life on earth? with FWCC’s Sustainability Programme Manager, Susanna Mattingly.

Quaker Conversation, session 9: Do we serve the economy or does the economy serve us? Joachim Monkelbaan, the representative for Sustainable and Just Economic Systems at Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva.