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Cusco Airport Transportation
Plenary Excursions
Travel and Health Insurance
Young Adult Friends
Native Dress
Quilt Project
Craft and Exhibition Tables
Worship at the World Plenary Meeting
Celebration/Talent Show
Music and the Heavenly Choir
Study Guide
Machu Picchu
Action Checklist


Preparing the Way…

Dear Friends,

Here in the London office, Olivia Hewitt and I often find ourselves moved to tears. We feel so privileged to be doing the work of bringing Friends together. We are rewarded every day with emails from Friends thanking us for our work and efforts to bring about the conference and offering us blessings, which reach us in the loving spirit they are sent. We in turn are awed by their perseverance, faith and longing to be with Friends from all over the world, and their commitment to stick with the complicated process of raising funds, applying for visas and garnering support from their churches for this long and important journey. Tears? Yes, tears of hope and love and gratitude.

Imagine 350 Friends in a room in the Sacred Valley in Peru, surrounded by terraced mountains, singing Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God in multiple languages, including the native Aymara language from the mountains of Bolivia. Imagine early morning Bible study co-led by two scholars from different parts of the world and two different Quaker traditions. Imagine 88 Young Friends influencing the discussion on leadership and ministry in the next 20 years, leading up to FWCC’s 100th birthday in 2037. Imagine the family of Friends gathering its voice about sustaining life on earth, working with the Quaker United Nations Offices and other Quaker organizations who propel the work we feel called to do – collectively. Imagine yourself experiencing the transformative power of connection with Friends from around the world, and all of us returning home to share inspiration – like giving the world a huge hug!

The theme is Living the Transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God. (Romans 8:19).                                         When you read the entirety of Romans 8, it reveals the complex and compelling ideas behind transformation. It is an invitation to hope for what we have not yet seen, to long for the wisdom that will be revealed to us as God’s children who are heirs and co-creators of the whole of creation.

As we prepare the way for you to make this pilgrimage to Peru, we invite you and all Friends to hold the gathering in the Light. Let us experience the joy of being part of this remarkable family. Let us cherish our differences and the simple realization that we can love one another in that which is eternal. God bless us, everyone.

In loving anticipation,

Gretchen Castle

FWCC General Secretary


Please read through all the material here as it will answer many questions, and fill in the required forms that are linked in the text and at the bottom of this page.

Cusco Airport Transportation

FWCC and the Local Arrangements Committee will be arranging for buses to pick up Friends at the Cuzco airport on the 16th for Language Services and IPC, the 17th for CEC, the 18th for Home Group Leaders, and the 19th for all other participants.

There will be volunteers to greet you warmly at the airport and get you to the bus to take you to the hotel. Please identify yourself to people who will be wearing FWCC Plenary tee shirts!

If you will be in Cuzco to acclimatize or for your own enjoyment, we ask you to please make your own way back to the airport to catch the FWCC bus. Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive, and your hotel can arrange it for you. It would be logistically difficult and environmentally unfriendly for us to send the bus around to the hotels in Cuzco.

On the 27th, the bus will take participants to Cusco airport or the town centre. The Plenary ends after lunch at 2pm, and buses will be available all day according to your flight times.

For those who have arranged to go on the Machu Picchu trip, there will be a bus to take you to the hotels.

Please inform us of your arrival and departure times using the link at the end of this section

All international flights will come into Lima (UNLESS YOU ARE FLYING DIRECT FROM La Paz to Cusco). In Lima, you need to claim your luggage, walk out of the airport, and check it in again. It will take about an hour. There will not be an FWCC representative present in Lima. We will meet you once you arrive in Cuzco.                                     Happy travelling!

Please tell us your travel details on this form:

Plenary ExcursionsTop

Plenary excursions are offered on Friday, 22 January from 9:00 – 3:30. These are arranged by FWCC. Busses will be provided. There is some additional cost as listed below. If this poses a problem, let us know as we would not want this to prevent anyone from going.

Please be advised to travel with your passport available since many sites require this for identification. Box lunches will be provided at the Royal Inca for everyone, whether or not you are going on an excursion.

NOW IS THE TIME TO LET US KNOW WHICH PLENARY EXCURSION YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE, using the link below. Payment will be expected on the day of the event.

Pisac-Cuzco City Tour

$15 plus tourist ticket 70/soles

Entrance ticket to Qoricancha 10/soles


We will visit the principal historical sites starting with Santo Domingo Church and Qoricancha (Sun Temple) then on to 4 archaeological sites in and around the city: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay. Some walking, not difficult.

Sacred Valley Tour                                      

$20 plus entrance fees in soles


The visit covers the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We will start in Pisac to visit the site of Inca architecture complex Intihuatana, then on to archaeological centre of Ollantaytambo, on to the stunning Salt Mines and Moray, and the Inca green house.                                     A full day with many interesting and beautiful sites.

Horseback Riding Offered according to bookings


We will bring saddled up horses to you and take you on a 2.5 hour ride (for all levels, but concentrating on beginner). A way to see the land in a relaxed way. The route is Pisac to Pliiahuara.

No Excursion

You may also choose to have time on your own in Pisac, to explore the market and town.

PLEASE LET US KNOW WHICH OF THE OPTIONS YOU ARE CHOOSING FOR JANUARY 22nd.                                       Please indicate your choice on the form here:


There are several ways in which we hope to minimize waste and wasteful practices.

**We are hiring the bus to take multiple people from the airport to the hotel upon arrival. You may need to wait at the airport location until the bus is filled so we can make fewer journeys. It will be the same upon return to the airport, keeping flight times in mind.

**We are hiring a photocopier for the materials we will produce during the Plenary, including the Daily Bulletin. This will be posted in several locations at the hotel. You will not receive an individual copy. Please make note of all the sessions, workshops, locations and times!

**We will have the means to compost our own food. Friends from New Zealand are offering to bring reusable composting bags for us to put our own food scraps in. We are investigating as to the animals in the area that would like our food scraps so they can be properly distributed.

**We are liaising with the hotel and food staff to provide sufficient food to feed us, but not prepare too much which would require disposing of it. We therefore ask you to identify yourself as either a MEAT-EATER or VEGETARIAN, and eat the food provided for that category during the Plenary.

**The sheets and towels will only be washed once during our stay (you can even opt out of that, or opt for more).                                     The rooms will be vacuumed or swept every other day.

** You will have the opportunity to attend a Sustainability activity on Sunday afternoon, and several related workshops offered by individual Friends.                                     Several related Quaker organizations will be at the Plenary and will be available during Community Connections.


Food/Meals                                                                                                                  Top

In dealing with our specific dietary requests, the hotel will make reasonable accommodations. Breakfast will be served as part of your hotel or Tambo de Gozo accommodation. Lunch and dinner will be served at the Hotel Royal Inca for everyone. At the Royal Inka, the meals will look like this:

Breakfast: eggs, potatoes, bread, butter, jam, tea, coffee, milk and porridge (the gluten free and vegan option).

Lunch will be the main meal of the day: meat dish and vegetarian/vegan dish.

Dinner will be soups and bread: meat soup and vegan/gluten-free soup.

We are working with the hotel staff, asking them to prepare enough meals to feed us but also not over supply to reduce waste.                                     Therefore we need a specific count of MEAT and VEGETRIAN numbers. It is important that you identify yourself as either a MEAT-  EATER or VEGETARIAN, and stick to that meal plan while you are in Pisac. We hope the VEGETRIAN can be as VEGAN as possible, and that there will be GLUTEN-FREE options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, but it is not guaranteed for every meal. Non-meat-eaters may wish to bring their own sources of protein that don’t need refrigeration or cooking.

Please indicate your choice on the form:

If you have particular dietary needs, we strongly recommend you bring food or purchase some in Cuzco or Pisac, to have in your room. The kitchens will not be able to prepare any outside food.

Soy milk is available in Pisac, and we will try to have some available at Tambo and the hotels to supply our vegan and lactose-free Friends.

There is gluten-free food in Pisac for sale you may wish to purchase, but it not in the abundance and variety to which you may be accustomed. There is an abundance of beautifully fresh food in the Pisac market, a 15 minute walk from the Hotel Royal Inka.


Please send us a copy of your passport picture page, if you have not already.

We are preregistering everyone with the hotel prior to arrival, and the more information we provide to them in advance, the quicker and easier it will be for us when you arrive. The hotel requires your passport information. We will destroy all passport copies upon conclusion of the Plenary.

Weather in Pisac in January                                                                                          Top

It is the rainy season. It is January. It is beautiful in Pisac, with temperature as high as 21c/70f and as low as 8c/45f. Temperatures can drop dramatically at night.

Clothing                                                                                                                              Top

Planning to wear layers is advisable. You might wear short sleeves by day and need a warm coat at night. Bring warm socks and a hat, warm and water-proof outerwear, and a sweater/shawl for differences in temperature (there will be beautiful shawls and sweaters for purchase in the craft room!). Bring hiking boots for uneven terrain and wet conditions. Bring warm sleep wear.

Plan to wear appropriate clothing in terms of modesty standards for our worldwide community. Please be thoughtful in this regard. Consider bringing loose fitting clothing, minimizing tight fitting lycra trousers.

The Hotel Royal Inka provides a laundry service at hotel prices.

At Tambo de Gozo, Gladys will provide breakfast, and she has offered to do laundry at a very reasonable cost.

Allpawasi Ecolodge has offered the use of their washer/dryer for the guests staying there.


Travel and Health Insurance                                                                                                Top

You require adequate insurance to cover you both for health issues and for travel mishaps (e.g. missed flights) for the duration of your trip.

If you already have a policy, check with your insurer to make sure you are fully covered for a trip to Peru and any intermediate stops.

If you don’t have a policy yet, you will need to obtain travel insurance for the duration of your trip. The policy should start immediately rather than on the day of departure so that you are covered for cancellation due to accident or illness in the run-up. If FWCC is paying for your travel, you may either purchase a policy yourself and be reimbursed, or email, and FWCC will arrange a policy for you.

Once you have your policy in place, please complete the Medical Form linked below.                                     Please leave the hotel information below with your emergency contact at home. Some people will be staying at other local hotels or at Tambo de Gozo, but all the plenary activity will be held at the hotel listed here:

Hotel Royal Inka                                         Address: Carretera Pisac – Ruinas
Phone: +518 4203064 | +518 4203066 | +518 4203067

EEUU Phone: 866-554-6028
Outside the EEUU Phone: (914) 921-6183

Please fill out the medical form:

Young Adult Friends                                     Top

A message from YAF coordinator Kristin Skarsholt

There will be over 90 Young Adult Friends (YAFs) at the Plenary! YAFs are 18-35-year-old Quakers. You will see in the programme that YAFs will have a space for meeting almost every evening of the Plenary, at the same time as workshops. These are being planned by the YAFs from the International Planning Committee: Cornelius Ambiah, Myron Guachalla and Kristin Skarsholt. The YAFs sessions will not be compulsory and you won’t have to turn up to all of them, but the sessions will be an addition to the larger Plenary for Young Adult Friends who want to get to know their peers from around the world.

We hope to get to know each other and become friends across our global family of Friends. We will also think and talk about how we see ourselves as leaders and the future of the Quaker Society/Quaker Church (because we are the future). We have different Quaker practises and languages but our roots are the same, so we hope you will come willing to share about yourself and learn openly about others. «How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!» (Psalm 133:1 NIV)

Native DressTop

Would you like the opportunity to wear your native dress? Please bring festive dress, for your Section’s worship and for the talent show on Saturday night.

Quilt Project:
Bring greetings and take greetings home                                             Top

You are invited to bring creative greetings from your home meeting.                                     The idea is you bring greetings on a piece of cloth and then take home with you the greetings that someone else has brought.

For example, Joseph from Nairobi brings a cloth greeting card from Nairobi, Kenya and takes home with him the cloth greeting card brought by Susan from Finland.

During the meeting in Cusco the greetings will be tied together and displayed.

How to make your cloth greeting card.

Step 1                                         Find a piece of plain cloth (material) 30 cm by 30 cm.

Step 2                                           Write on the fabric and decorate it however you like.

Step 3                                           You can sew pictures on or glue pictures on to the fabric.

Step 4                                           Keep it simple or make it very fancy if you like

Step 5                                           Ask Friends from your meeting or church to help you.

Step 5                                           Add tabs to each corner.

Step 6                                           Put it into your suitcase when you come to Peru.

The photo of the example is very simple. The cloth is a piece of cotton fabric written with a permanent marker. The pictures and the tabs at the corners are glued on.                                     They could be sewn on.



Craft and Exhibition Tables                                                                                                  Top

We have 30 Craft tables reserved, and 30 Exhibition tables reserved, and the room is nearly at capacity. If you have requested a CRAFT TABLE or EXHIBITION TABLE, please fill out the form below with the crafts you will sell or the material you will present. We hope to be able to accommodate all.

Each table is small and space is at a premium. There will be no electrical outlets.

The currency exchanged will be in Peruvian soles or in US dollars.

If you have already reserved a sales or exhibition space, or would like to do so, please fill in the form here:

Worship at the World Plenary Meeting                                                                            Top

There will be many opportunities for worship.

*Early morning worship will be unprogrammed, both at the Royal Inka and at Tambo de Gozo

*Simultaneous with Bible study at the Royal Inca

*Plenary worship is organized by Sections according to the schedule

*Bible study as one option on Sunday afternoon – in Spanish with interpretation to English

*Epilogue every night

Plenary worship:

Wednesday     Section of the Americas, Latin America

Thursday         Section of the Americas, North America

Friday              no worship/excursions

Saturday          Europe and Middle East Section

Sunday             Africa Section, East Africa

Monday           Asia-West Pacific

Tuesday           Africa Section, South/West Africa

Wednesday     Open worship
Consultations                                                                                                                          Top

There will be 4 consultations offered. In order to help us gauge room size for each Consultation, we ask you to indicate your preference. Please indicate your preference on the formlinked below. You will not be obliged to stay with your choice, you may arrive and decide to choose another, but this may give us a rough idea of the numbers.

The Consultation Groups are:

  1. Ministry and Leadership

Ministry and leadership: developing the leaders we need, encouraging living ministry, generating new ideas for a pilgrimage for Quaker youth that spans across all Sections and involves larger numbers of Friends.

    How can we fully develop ministry and leadership among Young Friends?

    What shape might a new youth pilgrimage take that is more inclusive and broad reaching?

    What would it take to satisfy what people want from a youth pilgrimage?

  1. Living Ministry Communities and their Growth

Living Ministry Communities: creating Quaker communities that are active and vital and energizing, encouraging membership and spiritual growth for Young Friends and seekers; encouraging communities to embrace generational change.

    What does it require to have a vital and growing Religious Society of Friends?

    How do we, in spiritual community, open to new Light – to God’s direction?

    How do we express the Living God collectively?

    How do we respond to the impetus to live our faith?

  1. Sustaining Life on Earth

Sustaining Life on Earth: inspired by the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice, developing worldwide Quaker collaboration for environmental, economic, and spiritual changes.

    How do we respond to the spiritual imperative described in the Kabarak Call?

    How do we give life to the Kabarak Call?

    How can we lend our collective Spirit-led, God-given voice for the good of the world?

  1. Equipping FWCC

Equipping FWCC: serving the worldwide Quaker community, developing flexibility to face challenges while maintaining organizational integrity and sustainability, looking at meeting requirements and governance changes.

How can FWCC meet the challenges of the next 20 years while serving Friends well?

    How often do Friends want/need to gather together, given cost, planning, and concerns for our carbon footprint?

    How can Friends connect using emerging technologies, in addition to meeting face-to-face?

    Gathering in a larger group might allow more women and Young Friends to attend.                                       Would a larger World             Conference held every 8-12 years serve us better?

    If we meet less frequently, might we consider the world body would tend to minutes and issues of concern to         Friends with the Central Executive Committee tending to more of the governance decisions?

Please tell us your preference here:


Celebration/Talent Show                                                                                                      Top

On the evening of Saturday 23 January, we come together in celebration and fun and joy.                                     Bring songs, poems, costumes, etc to delight and spread joy to others.                                     Be adventurous! Wear your dress from your native country!


Music and the Heavenly Choir                                                                                            Top

There will be much music making – to open the heart, to inspire, to draw us closer to God and each other. You will receive a Plenary hymnal in your bag at registration, which we hope will get a lot of use! We have a list of 95 people interested in singing the Heavenly Choir. We have singer/songwriters ready to perform.                                     So bring your voice and anything else that will help you make a joyful noise.


Study Guide                                                                                                                         Top

The Plenary Study Guide will be available soon and we will email all participants a copy.

It is hoped you can use this guide not only to prepare your heart and mind for the plenary, but also bring it to your meeting and share it more widely in your Quaker community.


Machu Picchu updated info including Cuzco Hotel for January 27 & 29              Top

If you wish to travel to Machu Picchu with Friends, there is still time to contact Shaarda at:

And you need to book your own hotel for the nights of January 27 and 29.  The following hotels have been recommended by Friends.  They are also available for pre-Plenary stays.

Tierra Viva Cuzco 

Calle Saphi, Cuzco City Centre Amerinka

Calle Marquez Nº 272, Cusco, Perú

Casa Andina

5to Paradero Ynanhuara

Cuzco 00084, PERU

Mid-price, not far from the Cathedral
Ninos Hotel

Calle Meloc 442

Cusco, Peru

Less expensive option, shared bathroom, income supports charity run by hotel.


Action Checklist                                                                                                                    Top


Please ensure you send us the photo page of your passport and complete the following forms no later than 15 December 2015:

Travel Information form
Medical form
Dietary choice
Excursion choice
Consultation choice
Sales and exhibition spaces (if you have reserved or wish to reserve a space)