World Plenary Meeting (IRM) – Peru 2016

Welcome to the pages for the FWCC World Plenary Meeting (International Representatives Meeting – IRM), which was held in Pisac, Peru, from 19 to 27 January 2016.

The Sacred Valley provided for us a tranquil and stunningly beautiful space, where it feels as though one is closer to God. Friends from around the world gathered with Friends from Peru and Bolivia for worship, fellowship, and strengthening our shared sense of living ministry as Quakers. This was a unique opportunity to learn from our Friends in South America and to experience yet another way of worshipping. Our diversity is rich, and we had much to learn and to teach in mutually loving Friendship.

In the photo, the square of trees in the middle sits the Royal Inka Hotel where the majority of activity took place.

Minutes and other news are available here.