FWCC Governance

Between World Plenary Meetings, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) carries out governance and oversight functions for the World Office. There are similar committees for each of the four Sections.

The membership of the CEC consists of the FWCC Clerk and two Assistant Clerks, the clerks and section secretaries from each of the four sections, the General Secretary, the World Office Treasurer and three at-large members.

The clerk of the CEC is Simon C. Lamb of Ireland Yearly Meeting. All correspondence for the CEC should go to him.

The other current members are:

Gretchen Castle (general secretary) – Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Betsy Cazden – New England Yearly Meeting
Ronis Chapman – Australia Yearly Meeting
Sue Glover Frykman – Sweden Yearly Meeting
Myron Guachalla Montano – Central Bolivia Yearly Meeting
Marisa Johnson – Britain Yearly Meeting
Fenwick Kirton-Darling (treasurer) – Britain Yearly Meeting
Thuli Mbete  – Southern Africa Yearly Meeting
Robin Mohr – Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Benigno Sanchez-Eppler – New England Yearly Meeting
Ronald Titus – Bhopal Yearly Meeting
Bainito Kahyongo Wamalwa – East Africa Yearly Meeting-North

There are currently three vacancies.

The CEC is committed to openness and accountability. It publishes its minutes online, and gives notice of its meetings on this website so that any Friend who wishes to bring a matter to the attention of the CEC may do so.

The last meeting of the CEC took place from 29 April to 4 May 2018, at Moyallon in Northern Ireland. Read the minutes of the 2018 meeting.

The next meeting is planned for 17-22 June 2019 at Camp NeeKauNis in Ontario, Canada.

FWCC World Office is a charity registered in England & Wales. Charity number 211647