Minute of Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting

Minute 10 Spiritual Responses to Global Change (Dunedin, July 2010)

Gray Southon, Mary Rose, Marvin Hubbard and Rick Kooperberg led us in a time of worship sharing. Mary Rose reminded us of the development of our YM’s concern for the planet, not just environmentally, during the last decade especially in our YMs in session.

We heard readings from “Quaker Faith and Practice Britain Yearly Meeting” (1995): John Woolman (25.01), London YM 1988 (25.02) and Keith Helmuth (25.14).

We recognise we are confronted by complex systems. These require spiritual waiting, prayerful waiting then leadings will come. Greed, despair and pessimism are dangers. The challenge is to overcome these in ourselves and our communities. Cautious, constructive optimism is possible. Focussing on our abundance of love, compassion, healing, thanksgiving for what we have, grace will help overcome greed, despair and pessimism. We appreciate that human lives have been liberated by technology. If we let go of something for a period, this may give us an opportunity to learn new values or for possibilities to emerge. One of our challenges is to make our lives as a Friends meeting a community which will be so inviting that others will want to join us in our search to walk lightly on this earth and maintain a loving community. From that community we can work to change the thinking of our government, relooking at ways to live in harmony with each other and the earth.