Report on Global Change Consultation at Shanderema Quarterly Meeting


The changes have affected us a great deal. Children have no respect to their parents and people who are older to them. Food prices have gone high. Rain patterns have changed thus affecting our planting season. Most people have become selfish and self centered. Diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer are common.

In the past years the community we are living in resorted to the idea of planting indigenous trees with a believe that this type of trees matured early. The results were that this species of trees take in a lot of water. They made streams to dry up. As a community we have resorted to plating indigenous type of trees. We have done quite a number of activities that have contributed adversely to the changes we are experiencing:

(a).We have people cultivating on river banks hence causing soil erosion

(b).Our local people wash and take bath in rivers hence contaminating Our waters.

(c).Not having latrines in our homes.

(d).Excessive use of mobile phones.

There is very little we have done to contribute positively towards this changes. In summary we can say we have done more harm than good.


The changes have improved our relationship with God. The changes that Affect us adversely make us to pray to God more so that He intervenesSaves us from more harm.We now have keyboards in our church that we Use to glorify God.


In our society, we have a particular group of people known us rainmakers. Whenever we had a long spell of drought the whole community used to run to these people to get rain. The rainmakers were treated with respect. They were an adored group of people.To-date if you have a function during the day and you see signs of clouds for rain,you are adviced to run for help from the rainmakers to hold the clouds until you are done with your function.

QUERY # 5.

We are living in a society where justice,compassion and peace are a dream yet to come true. For us to run our affairs smoothly in the church, we need peace.There is no justice in our society. There is a local saying that “INDA YACHINGA YINULWAKHO” meaning that “The womb that bore us has boundaries”.


We should seek for forgiveness from God. As Christians we should speak against corruption without any fear.