Report on Global Change Consultation at Mlimani Friends Church

QUERY 1: How has global change affected our communities and ourselves?

There is scarcity of food. All the food that we consume in our homes we buy. The little food we are able to produce from our farms is never enough to feed us all due to the rise in population. Due to global change we are also experiencing long periods of dry season. The area where our church is was a forest but it was converted to human settlement scheme. The cost of living is ever on the rise. In Lugari we have poor transport due to the poor state of our roads. However, communication has slightly improved with the introduction of internet and mobile phones. It is important to note that introduction of mobile phone and several courier companies has led to so many people who were employed by the giant postal corporation of Kenya being laid off.

QUERY 2: What actions have we taken in response to global change as experienced in our area, to express our responsibilities towards all creation? In what ways have my own activities or those of my community contributed to positive or adverse local and global change?

We are sensitizing our people about the change through seminars, church forums and local administration meetings. We have engaged on a programme of planting trees. We try to improve on transport by carrying out communal repairs on our roads. We also practice planting of short term season foodstuff.

Burning of plastic bags after use. Poor disposal of plastic.
Encourage use of organic farming. Excessive use of artificial fertilizers.
Encouraging people to get loans to enable them to start income generating projects. Over use of  available arable land.
We are planting trees. We cut trees without replacement.
We are using machines to improve on food production. We cultivate on river banks leading to soil erosion.
We pollute our water.
We do not give formal education to our children.

QUERY 3: How do changes around us affect our relationship with God? How does my relationship with God affect my responses to the changes around us? What role does faith have in my life and in the life of my community? In what ways do I and my Friends church or meeting community bear witness to our Testimonies in our daily lives?

Introduction of cell phones has made us to be liars hence straining our relationship with God. Lack of sufficient income has made us to focus on our own activities at the expense of God’s work.

My relationship wit God will always lead me to responding positively against the changes we are experiencing. We should be friends to all in season and out of season. It is important to make sure that we do not loose our faith despite of these changes. Our inner being should always remain strong.

QUERY 4: What stories or experiences from past catastrophic happenings – perhaps from Scripture, perhaps from the record of local or regional events- might inspire us to respond to the changes the world is facing today?

The land for Lugari Yearly Meeting used to be a farmers training college. We had all the facilities and enough land. The centre was shut down because the church at a time gave the responsibility of running the centre to parastatal in the name of Lake Basin. The said parastatal had poor management leading to the project to close down. The centre used to grow vegetables, fruits and had all types of food. The church has once more taken over to facility in an effort to rebuild the “ruins of Jerusalem”.

QUERY 5: How can we bear witness to the abundance God offers us and testify to the world about ways in which justice, compassion, and peace may address significant disruptions, stress, and tensions?

There is a need to restore the broken relationship between us and God, between us and our families so as to build up on trust. We should value one another in Christ Jesus.

As a Yearly meeting we can remember there was a time we collected some foodstuffs and sent to our friends in Turkana in the Northern part of Kenya.

QUERY 6: How can we support one another in rekindling our love and respect for God’s Creation in such a way that we are messengers of the transforming power of love and hope?

We must be role models i.e an example to other people. We also emphasize on peace building amongst ourselves and other people. We should assist one another be it spiritually, socially or emotionally. We should preach reconciliation through mediation. We are also called upon to listen more and talk less. We have answers to most of the issues affecting us.