Report on Global Change Consultation at Kaimosi Yearly Meeting

Global change has brought about rise in diseases due to excessive use of chemicals on our farms. There is widespread of HIV/AIDS which was unheard of in early years. Our social values have gone down. There is no respect to the elderly by our young people. We used to solve problems as a community but nowadays people have turned to be more individualistic. With introduction of new communication system our people are adversely affected by the western culture. As much as we may say there is improvement in communication it has done us more harm than Good. The transport sectors have also given rise to a lot of road accidents. Many of our people perish on our roads daily. There is also lack of unity in the church. The rise in the number of yearly meeting is due to struggle by some individuals who want to get in leadership.

Our area is experiencing acute water shortage. Our rivers and streams are drying up and getting contamination by human activities. Environment has been spoiled by cutting of trees for construction, charcoal and in search for more land to do farming. There is an acute shortage of food due to sporadic climate change. We have changed from using our tradition food supplies to foreign foodstuffs.

As a community we have taken the initiative of making sure that we are good stewards of God’s creation. It is our duty and responsibility to make sure that as custodians of all that God created we account for it properly and diligently. It is imperative to note global change is straining our relationship with God. Our faith as Quakers has been compromised by the change we are experiencing. In our desire to achieve what we lack, we end up missing the authority that God has given unto us over His creation.

Our Quakers testimony of peace, simplicity and equality is being swallowed by the global change. We are like the Biblical “Anania and Saphira” through our activities.