Japanese response to the Global Change Consultation

1.  In our daily life, we have come to have frequent contact with foreign people.  Things we had considered strange have become quite familiar and common now.  However,  it is still limited to those living in big cities.
Consequently we get to know about those people to whom who had some kind
of prejudice.
・    Information-oriented society; for example, internet services such as face book, twitter etc. connected people in the case of the big earthquake and Tsunami.
・    Merit:  provide us with a lot of information instantly
・    Demerit:  choices have to be made which information to trust.

2.  How we responded to global change?
・  In agriculture field, we had to make up our mind whether to use
herbicide or to work harder and put up with less productivity
As proved by many facts during the Vietnam War, herbicide can cause
serious physical disorders in any life.
・    Our government should work out the way to encourage our domestic
agriculture, not depending too much on importing inexpensive
products from abroad.
・    Internet can connect the consumers with the producers, which encourages consumers to buy more safe organic products.

3. Not only the connection with other people, should we consider our
connection with God.
・     Quakers, by sending persons to meet people directly, can get
trust-worthy information.
・     From the experience of reading the personal maps drawn by those
who commited delinquency, I think we should consider the people
who love us and who we can trust besides our present association.
Some kind of power that brings about faith in us
Memory of being loved, some truth known by intuition
How are we made to believe in God?
In connection with people?  Or seeking for some truth in life?
Ex. By following school rules or by praying God

4.  Hiroshima / Nagasaki  vs. Fukushima
…depends on each person’s experience in those disasters
We should have learned from previous accidents of the nuclear power
stations.  Have we got enough information about how dangerous
nuclear energy is?  How can we reflect on the latest disaster?
Where is the salvation?

5.  Although we have seen many tragedies and disasters, we are sure that
we can overcome, for we have gone through many of those before.

6.  We have to reconsider the way we live.
Simplicity, plain-living….
Is it necessary to continue our economic war?  Should we be needing
more and more material goods?
If we stop wanting more, we may gain more spiritual riches instead of
material riches.