Report on Global Change Consultation at Eldoret West

QUERY 1:  How has global change affected our communities and ourselves?

Global change has brought about improved levels of education and information. There is fluctuation in our economy. The value of the Kenyan shilling has depreciated a great deal. For you to get a rental house in Eldoret, you have to pay rent first. The change has also resulted in unemployment. Our children go to school, colleges but they end up lacking places to get employment.

Modern Technology has assisted us in getting information easily. There is rise in population giving rise to the number of street children.

Some parents are now unable to take their children to school. Our languages have been affected by culture mix up.

Global change has resulted in insecurity, scarcity of water and poor sanitation and hygiene. We experience a sharp rise in diseases due to pollution of both our environment and water. The cost of medical service is also high.

QUERY 2: What actions have we taken in response to global change as experienced in our area, to express our responsibilities towards all creation? In what ways have my own activities or those of my community contributed to positive or adverse local and global change?

We are embracing use of our local languages where possible. As a church we are trying to improve on matters concerning sanitation and hygiene.

On security we have resolved to hiring our own security guards or formed security groups. We have dug boreholes in our homes to access clean water.

Our church has opened up a school to enable our children go to school.

We have started rehabilitation centers for those addicted to drugs. We do not control use of drugs.
We are taking our children to school. As parents we are not guiding our children well.
We have drilled boreholes in our residential areas to get water. We dispose off plastics in a bad way.
Fellowshipping together has made us to understand one another. We have contaminated our water.
We have a common place for waste disposal. We have spoiled our environment through sand harvesting which has turned out to be a disaster to both man and wildlife.
We have pit latrines in our homes.

QUERY 3: How do changes around us affect our relationship with God? How does my relationship with God affect my responses to the changes around us? What role does faith have in my life and in the life of my community? In what ways do I and my Friends church or meeting community bear witness to our Testimonies in our daily lives?

We are living a life of complaining always and desire to achieve bigger things in life. The changes have affected our commitment to God.

Modern technology has taken God’s place in our lives. We have literally broken the Ten Commandments. Setting up a church is like going into business. We have changed the way we praise and worship God.

My faith has assisted me not to do anything that is harmful due to global change. My testimony will make me to embrace change in a positive way.

QUERY 4: What stories or experiences from past catastrophic happenings – perhaps from Scripture, perhaps from the record of local or regional events- might inspire us to respond to the changes the world is facing today?

There is a quarry in Eldoret town that has claimed lives of a lot of people including members of our church. Nobody is taking action to fence off the quarry.

During the past election violence that rocked Eldoret in the year 2007 to early 2008 many families were displaced. We had fourty families housed at our church. The families had no food, water and shelter. We can remember people were burnt in another church in Kiambaa.

QUERY 5:  How can we bear witness to the abundance God offers us and testify to the world about ways in which justice, compassion, and peace may address significant disruptions, stress, and tensions?

Some time last year the region produced a lot of milk and we had no place to sell it. We ended up pouring out most of the milk on the streets.

The abundance God offers us can be used assist the needy in our midst. We have to assist our brothers and sisters who are undergoing suffering. It is important to note that when helping we should not give out what we have “discarded” we should donate the best.

QUERY 6: How can we support one another in rekindling our love and respect for God’s Creation in such a way that we are messengers of the transforming power of love and hope?

  1. There is a need to understand one another
  2. We should be forgiving and willing to assist one another.
  3. We need to respect and pray to God
  4. We have to accept the situation we are in and avoid blaming one another.