Report on Global Change Consultation at Chebuyusi Quaterly Meeting


People in communities have relied on cash crops e.g. sugarcane, coffee that take a long time to mature before being harvested. This has led to scarcity of food hence malnutrition in children. Our community has been rendered poor since so many people have work to do after what we used to do being taken over by machines. The food that we eat is made up of chemicals that make us sick. We end up spending a lot of money on medication. Our air and, water has been polluted to extreme.There is a lot of drug abuse especially amongst the young people.Internet accessibility has given growth to immorality. Our children view obscene images on internet. Mobile phones are breaking upmarriages. There is lack of trust amongst people. The population has also grown out of proportion.We have energetic young people who are supposed to be working on farms in our rural areas but they are moving to cities to search for white collar jobs. When they do not get employment they end up engaging in crimes and prostitution to earn a living.


In Kenya there was a slogan by former President Moi that “When you cut one tree,you plant two more”. This slogan helped in maintaining the forest cover for our country. There are quite a number of actions that we do that adversely affect us namely:

(a) Lack of faithfulness in families.

(b) Lack of guiding and counseling to our children.

(c) Trying to live beyond our limits.

However there are areas where we have seen the changes affecting us positively as indicated hereunder:

(a) Communication has been made easy.

(b) We have energy saving jikos being used in our homes.

(c) Health facilities have come closer to us.

(d) We have family planning in place that can help us decide on the number of children one intends to have.


The changes have really affected our relationship with God. Due to the high cost of living,most friends are literally stealing from God. Someone may ask, HOW? Life has become so hard to an extend that people that people are not giving to God. We have gone to an extend of not even observing the Sabbath day .We work even up to Sunday.There are some friends who do even go for fellowship on Sunday with an assumption that they can get the day’s preachings while in their houses by watching the local television channel. We lack even time to meditate on the word of God. Mobile phones have made us to be liars.


In the year 1998,lightning struck a classroom on our local area and killed four students who were preparing to do their examinations. This area did not have any other structure apart from the classrooms. The local people had a believe that lightning always strike on tall structures. People ended up planting trees with a believe that next time the lightning comes it will have to get to the trees first. In the year 1994, there was acute shortage of food in the country. The hunger of this year was nicknamed “SAVA LULALA” which means “wash your hands once”. This meant that the situation was so bad that families only having one meal in a day. Since we wash our hands before and after taking meals, people were washing there hands only once in a day when it eating time.


We are encouraged to practice charity. We should be each others keeper. Our actions should be rooted in the word of God. We should reconcile with those are not at peace with.