Aotearoa/New Zealand Young Friends response to the Global Change Consultation

Query 1: [notes] +Technology
    transport
    new good ideas move fast
    revolutionary movements in Tunisia, etc – faciliates not create movements
    email facebook Skype for maintaining movement
    information access – new in real time
    is information access compassionate or desensitised?
+Spoiled for Choice
    world is smaller, but only for an elite?
    Ski field in Dubai
    obesity
    lack of appreciation
    over comsumption
    photo
    racism suffers by ethnic morities
    alienation
    adaptability?
    Understanding cultural food, ways of thinking
+Homogenisation of culture?
    Dominance of English and Western norms
    low … language, culture, beliefs
    loss of sense of community
    loss of sense of responsibility
+Disconnect from what we are consuming
    we don’t know what we’re supporting
    we’re not connected to the earth or the seasons
    dependence on globalisation,
    support the system or isolate yourself – is there a middle ground?
    Mass produced globalised foods: health benefits? Or disadvantage?

Query 2

Consumption = belonging [to the community] Diversity
Human Rights: positive-the spreading of ideas; negative-the imposition of a Western belief system [the norm is us] connected? Dialogue through technology
opr the illusion of connectedness?
Query 5

How can we tell other nations not to exploit their natural/human resources when we in the West have been doing it for centuries?
Query 6

Building Community
    accountability
    value resources, eg grow own food
    support neighbours
    groups with mutual ideologies – a question of choosing community

A way of achieving change: working together because there are so many setbacks, need someone to support you

Targeting people with influence

STRONG inspirational figures, leaders and individuals providing support together

Local communities pull together ideas: messengers for change: take ideas to ‘outlet’ or lobby, eg, FWCC/UN