Sustainability programme updates

The sustainabilty programme at FWCC has been active since the Pisac Minute in 2016 which called on Friends to divest from fossil fuels, share stories of the human impacts of climate change concertedly as a family of friends. Since then, we have collected case studies, shared stories, divested from fossil fuels, collected a resources hub on our website for Friends, and supported conversations on earthcare across all Quaker branches.

In February 2020 we hosted our first online Friends’ conference called the Online Sustainability Conference. We held it to gather a collective sense of how Friends feel called to act to build a more sustainable world. Little did we know that this online format would quickly become the new way of working! You can watch the highlight of the online conference in the video below:

Now, three months on from the conference, our lives have changed. The global community has changed. We have suffered many losses. We struggle to adapt to new ways of being present in the world. We are called to serve the global community in a way that serves the most vulnerable. Perhaps God has given us a new chance to re-imagine a world that sustains life. How does this opportunity speak to you?

Together as Friends around the world, we can inspire each other and join hands in a world effort to sustain ALL life on earth. And while this is a grand idea, it begins by each of us sharing our ideas with our neighbours, with our church and meeting members, and with our governments. It is the groundswell of caring, vocal people that will bring about change on a global scale. By sharing your ideas with FWCC, we can share them with other Friends who are equally committed to caring for God’s creation.

FWCC has created the FWCC Sustainability Toolkit which includes worship sharing prompts, videos from the online sustainability conference, and links to the FWCC online sustainability resources hub on our website. Use the toolkit alone, or with your churches, meetings and worship groups to continue the conversation with Friends. Then share your thoughts with the FWCC World Office so we can share them with the global community. 

While we wait to hear from you on your ideas for the next steps for the sustainability progamme, we are supporting a group of international Young Quakers to create a Young 

Quaker webinar series on climate action. The planning group for this webinar series is made up of Young Quakers from all four FWCC sections and across the Quaker branches. The series follows a request from our community during the Online Sustainability Conference. It is our hope that through supporting young Quakers to continue the climate conversation on a global level we will continue to inspire and empower our whole Quaker family. We will share more work on this in due course, but if you know of young Quakers who would like to be involved in the webinar series, please email

In Friendship and Light,

Faith Biddle

Sustainability and Communications Support Officer