Sustainability Communications Officer starts work in the World Office

Susanna MattinglySusanna Mattingly takes up the newly created post of Sustainability Communications Officer in the FWCC World Office from today.

Susanna’s role is to build Friends’ collaborative efforts around the concern of sustaining life on earth. She will work jointly with FWCC and Britain Yearly Meeting’s Quaker World Relations Committee to expand the network of Friends doing this work.  This will involve working with Britain Yearly Meeting and other yearly meetings around the world to take further action on two minutes:

Susanna grew up in a Quaker family and has experience of other Friends’ traditions through the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage.  She has a keen interest in making an impact in the area of sustainability and brings experience in communications, international marketing, event organizing, and programme coordination and evaluation. Susanna has worked with Carbon Trust, the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, and Three Faiths Forum. She holds a BA in Politics with International Relations.

Her new role entails working with existing Young Friends’ networks, connecting them across FWCC’s four Sections.  The story of Friends’ concerns and actions on sustainability, and how these are shaped by the spiritual imperative to make the world a better place, will form the basis of videos and materials that can be shared both across Quaker traditions and within Britain Yearly Meeting. There will be opportunities to work with other Quaker partner organizations such as the Quaker United Nations Office, Quaker Peace and Social Witness, Quaker Earthcare Witness, Quaker Council on European Affairs, Friends Committee on National Legislation and others.

We are grateful to Britain Yearly Meeting, through its Legacy Fund, for supporting this new position.  With all the sustainability work generated within Britain Yearly Meeting, we look forward to connecting Friends worldwide in order to strengthen our commitment and amplify our voice.  Please join us!

We welcome Susanna to the FWCC World Office.  Feel free to contact her by email or on +44 (0)207 663 1196.