Friends World Committee for Consultation is sad to report the passing of our former Clerk, Ramón A. González Longoria Escalona of Cuba Yearly Meeting.

As a young pastor newly graduated from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Matanzas,
Ramón traveled among Young Friends in Europe under FWCC’s auspices. He then attended the
1988 Triennial in Japan, beginning his long service to FWCC. He attended multiple Triennials,
and served on the Interim Committee (1994-2000), the International Planning Committee for
triennials and the 2012 World Conference at Kabarak, Kenya, and the Central Executive
Committee (2013-2018). He encouraged younger Cuban Friends to participate in FWCC events
and work as well. Ramón served as FWCC Clerk from 2013 to 2017, including presiding (in
Spanish) at the 2016 World Plenary in Pisac, Peru. He resigned from the CEC in 2018 as health
difficulties prevented him from traveling.

Within Cuba Yearly Meeting, Ramón provided strong leadership during a transition from the
older generation of pastors and for the following four decades. He served two six-year terms as
yearly meeting presiding clerk and in numerous other leadership roles, including supervising work teams restoring and building churches and parsonages. His passion was mentoring younger leaders and teaching Quaker history and theology, culminating in formation of the Quaker Peace Institute (Instituto Cuaquero Cubana de Paz), dedicated to the study and dissemination of Quakerism based on the Quaker peace ministry, deep historical analysis, and familiarity with thevoices of Quaker 17th and 18th century founders. He collaborated in and encouraged translation of core Quaker texts into Spanish. He shepherded the work of preparing Cuba Yearly Meeting’s 2002 Faith & Practice (Fe y Practica). He and his wife Rosario Concepción, a pastor and leader in her own right, graciously hosted visitors from George School, New England YM, Wilmington YM, Southeastern [US] YM, Britain YM, and Friends United Meeting. Ramón was active in the Cuban Council of Churches (Consejo de Iglesias de Cuba) and in local ecumenical networks. At the time of his death, he was completing work on a comprehensive history of Friends in Cuba, the first written in Spanish and from a Cuban perspective, using the rich archives Cuban Friends have maintained.

Ramón’s extensive travel, especially in the UK and the US, helped connect Cuban Friends to the
wider Quaker world. He was a speaker at and participant in several FUM Triennials, and
contributed essays to several books including Walk Worthy of Your Calling (2004). He was a
devoted son, nephew, father, grandfather, and neighbor, whose daily life witnessed to God’s love as effectively as his preaching. He passed away in Miami, Florida, where he had gone to visit
one of his sons and could not return home due to COVID travel restrictions.

An online memorial service, with English-Spanish interpretation, is being planned for Saturday, October 10 at 11:00 am — Cuba and the East Coast of the US / 8:00 am — West Coast US 4:00 pm — United Kingdom. Click here to join the Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 832 706 9202 Passcode: 138049

Please hold Cuban Friends, especially Ramon’s widow Rosario and his four children and grandchildren, in your prayers.

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