Quakers Helping Quakers

Friends in the Africa Section have collaborated and are inviting Friends around the world to contribute to Quaker run hospitals and clinics during the COVID-19 epidemic. Read through the the African Friend’s collaboration letter and the FWCC cover letter below for more detail.

To the Friends of Friends All Over the World

Dear Friends,


Receive our love greetings at this time of a severe pandemic that has hit us unapologetically during the start of the 2020 years. The whole world is at invisible warfare, and many lives have been lost. The attack is reaching the poor, the rich, the powerful and the weak, irrespective of our economic status, the virus knows no boundary and has truly no respecter for personality at all. As we reflect on the book of Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities to the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Friends, we cannot sit down and feel helpless as the Coronavirus attacked us. Therefore, we need to remain the true church of Christ for this battle, and we shall overcome as we stay together as a family of Quakers.

Friends Church KENYA, Friends United Meeting, and Friends World Committee for Consultation Africa Section leadership that is based in Kenya, held a crisis meeting on April 4th, 2020, to discuss the ravaging COVID19 pandemic and the Africa Quaker church response to the scourge. The three-body leadership was all in unity over how to respond to such unprecedented calamity ever experienced in our times. It is in this regard that we have appealed to the Quaker family in Africa for actionable support over this. We are also requesting the same to our brother and sister Quakers outside Africa to equally respond jointly to this attack by Covid19 in the following ways:

  • Spiritually
  • As a community of faith, we request all other members of the Quaker family to join with our African Friends in praying for each other, the world, and this intensity would see this Coronavirus reduce from spreading. Our hope rests in the Lord as we pray for the health workers who are on the frontline of the war against the Covid 19. Please join us on this journey at this unprecedented period.
  • Medical Support:
    • The Quaker church in Africa has two leading level 4 hospitals known as Lugulu FriendsMission Hospital in Bungoma County, Kenya and Kibimba Hospital in Burundi. The hospitals have a high flow of patients in their respective regions, and we need to be mindful of our services to the community through healthcare. We have established that the hospitals are highly exposed, and especially our healthcare providers who are on the frontline are not protected at all in handling Covid19 patients. The following vital items which are urgently needed during such a time are missing entirely. African Friends have been asked to urgently participate in donating to the hospitals the following items:
      • Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for both nurses  and doctors at the hospital
      • Enough masks for the entire staff of the hospital
      • Enough sanitizers all over the hospital in every place
      • Ventilators for the isolation rooms they have identified but empty
      • Any other medical support for the hospitals related to Covid19
    • The other hospitals include Sabatia Eye Hospital, Kaptama and Chwele Health Centers, all in Kenya, Abeka Hospital in Eastern DRC (South Kivu) and Misuhuko Medical Centre in Kwibuka, Burundi. Therefore, we must be seen to be on the frontline leading both spiritually and physically. We are also aware and concerned about Zimbabwe where there are a lot of difficulties during this time of pandemic and to address this, we had a talk with the Africa Director of AFSC, Kennedy Akoko who has included on the priority list of supporting the country, especially the hospitals.
  • Humanitarian Response:
    • As we look into the looming lockdown in the countries like Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda among others, we expect to see many vulnerable members of our churches facing food challenges. This will lead to health issues and make them candidates of Covid19.
    • Following the above-expected challenges, we are calling our members to respond to this urgently by donating either food in kind or cash to build our food bank for such eventuality.
    • Please channel your financial donations through our international offices either FWCC World Office, London, FWCC or FUM Offices in Richmond, Indiana.
    • Funds received through FWCC AS account shall be accounted for through the section treasurer and the funds received through FUM Africa Ministries Office shall be accounted for through AMO. A final document shall include all the accounts money received and how it was executed.

Thank you for being a trusted and committed Friend of the Quaker community in Africa, and together we shall overcome this pandemic through Jesus Christ.

Your faithful servants,

Bainito Wamalwa Khayongo Presiding Clerk, FWCC-AS, Tel. 0722968536

Henry Mukwanja Presiding Clerk, FCK, Tel. 0729449561

Richard Sitati Vice Presiding Clerk, FUM, Tel. 0722755541

Quakers helping Quakers

Dear Friends,

With the global pandemic affecting everyone in the world in one way or another, we experience the suffering of loss — loss of life and livelihood, food access and medical care, and the usual ways we come together in our humanity.  We are adapting, some better than others, where governments and systems serve people in widely varying degrees. Context matters – in terms of ways food is accessed, how medical systems get and can afford supplies, and the stability and benevolence of governments. In this regard, we are all dependent on each other.

As you consider where to help, the Africa Section has written the attached letter, asking Friends to give to Quaker hospitals and clinics. This is a collaboration between Friends World Committee Africa Section, Friends United Meeting, and Friends Church Kenya.  Evangelical Friends were also consulted.  This initiative will serve African Friends across Quaker traditions, in countries where hospital support will be invaluable.  Please give as you are able.

You can give through the FWCC World Office in London or through the FUM offices in Indiana in the USA.  To give through FWCC, you can go to our website to the donate page http://fwcc.world/about-fwcc/donate and can donate through CAF if you are in the UK or through Pay Pal.  It will do the currency exchange automatically.  Please write into the Reference section that it is for ‘Africa Section COVID-19’, and please follow up with a short email to Elaine at elaineb@fwcc.world so we can ensure your gift is correctly attributed.  You can alternatively send a check made out to FWCC with a note indicating it is for ‘Africa Section COVID-19’.  Mail to: FWCC, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2AX, United Kingdom. 

You can give to the FUM COVID-19 Solidarity Fund by going to their web site donate page: https://donorbox.org/covid-19-solidarity-fund.  It serves many needs, so please designate your gift for ‘Africa COVID-19’.  Alternatively you can mail a check made out to FUM, with a note that it is for ‘Africa Collaborative COVID-19’ within the Solidarity Fund. Or you can mail a check to: FUM, 101 Quaker Hill Dr, Richmond, IN 47374.

Our needs are great across the world.  Let us help one another up with a tender hand, and live with the generosity of spirit we saw in Jesus.  Give as you are able, and share this with those who are looking for a way to support people around the world. 

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we shall reap at harvest time, if we do not give up.  So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.  Galatians 6: 9-10

Stay safe, be grateful, be a good neighbour, and know the strength of your prayers. 

In loving Friendship

Download Gretchen Castle’s full letter for details on how to give through FWCC or FUM.