Announcing Peru 2016

Peru 2016 logoLiving the Transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of God’s children (Romans 8:19)

FWCC is pleased to announce that the next World Plenary Meeting (formerly the Triennial/International Representatives Meeting) will be held in Peru from 19 to 27 January 2016, at the Royal Inca Hotel in Pisac, near Cusco.

The FWCC World Plenary Meeting replaces the Triennial and will be held every four years. International Representatives are appointed by yearly meetings and other groups that are affiliated with FWCC. Friends may also attend via an Open Place.

The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and the International Planning Committee (IPC) have been planning for the event. Watch the FWCC web site for updates and conference materials as they are developed.

The theme of the meeting is “Living the Transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of God’s children (Romans 8:19)”.

“While we are excited about taking our main representative meeting to a major centre of Quakerism in South America for the first time, holding this meeting in Peru presents many challenges,” said FWCC General Secretary Gretchen Castle, “not least of which are the financial costs and the need to be as sustainable as possible in both planning and holding the meeting.”

Gretchen added that the IPC, co-clerked by Friends from Ireland and the USA, is being kept deliberately small and it will meet face-to-face only three times (once in conjunction with another meeting in which most IPC members are involved). Most of the work will take place using video conferencing, email and other electronic means, keeping both the financial and environmental costs as low as possible. As much of the work as possible will be done by the LAC, including the major responsibilities of organising on-site matters and local transportation.

“Even though we are doing this work as efficiently as possible, there are still major cost implications for FWCC in planning this meeting,” said Gretchen. She added that a formal appeal to raise funds to help Friends attend this meeting will be launched later this year, but donations towards the planning and organisation costs are welcome now. To donate, please visit our donations page.