FWCC joins Multi-Faith ‘Living the Change’ sustainable living initiative, representing Quakers worldwide

Living the Change logoFWCC is working in partnership with a global community of religious and spiritual institutions including Interfaith, Baha’i, Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim networks, and sustainable consumption experts, to champion sustainable living. ‘Living the Change’ was initiated at the UN Climate Conference in 2017 by the US-based multi-faith organisation, GreenFaith.

As people of faith, many Quakers are committing to making changes in our own lives. We invite you to think about the individual choices you can make to reduce your impact on the environment, and how you can become part of the solution in three high-impact areas: transportation, home energy use, and diet.

Infographic showing the impact of personal lifestyle choices
Infographic showing the impact of personal lifestyle choices. Click to enlarge.

Do you want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle? Can you make changes in some of these high-impact areas?

Join us in Living the Change!



Get involved

Apply for the new Sustainable Living Leadership Programme by 31st July. This eight-week, free online training course will help equip participants to engage their communities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at levels consistent with a livable future. Learn more about the programme and how to apply here.

Between 7th-14th October, join us in celebrating the first ever Week of ‘Living the Change’ with local events in faith communities around the world. People from different faiths and spiritual backgrounds will come together to share a plant-based community meal, affirm personal stories of sustainable living, and celebrate together! Learn more about the Week of Living the Change, register your event and apply for funding here.

It’s World Quaker Day on Sunday 7 October 2018. Consider how you might celebrate sustainable living on World Quaker Day!

Find out more about FWCC’s Sustainability Programme and the support available for individuals, meetings and churches around the world. Visit the resources page on our website to read Quaker stories of change, download posters, case studies and other materials.