Gretchen Castle appointed chairperson of The Christian World Communions

Not only was October 2019 the month the World Quaker Family celebrated the 6th annual World Quaker Day, but it was also the month that Gretchen Castle, the General Secretary of the World Quaker Office was appointed the chairperson for the Christian World Communions Conference. 

Gretchen will be the first woman to be the chairperson. Quakers, yet again, are leading the way for a worldwide representative to be a woman. 

What is The Christian World Communions and what do they do?  The Christian World Communions is made up of general secretaries from Christian communions who have a world presence. They meet annually as the Conference of General Secretaries for fellowship and support as religious leaders, learning about shared common missions and concerns, and promoting Christian unity as a constructive influence in the world.  It is comprised of those communions who have a global presence and a world office. 

The previous chairperson, Martin Junge of the Lutheran World Federation tweeted, “I am happy about the unanimous readiness of the Conference of Secretaries to receive her gifts and her leadership.”

In a time when we are challenged to come together across the globe, we are reminded that spaces where Christians can come together are more important than ever. Gretchen’s new position is continuing the message of FWCC “to encourage fellowship among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends” and now within Christians around the world. The Friends World Office, along with the four sections of the Quaker family, are celebrating the happy news. 

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