CEC is meeting from 29 April to 4 May

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Friends World Committee for Consultation is meeting from 29 April to 4 May 2018 at Moyallon, Northern Ireland, UK.

The agenda includes:

·        Further consideration of the 2016 minute on Sustainability, and the work of the new Sustainability Communications Officer;

·        Further consideration of FWCC’s commitment to overcoming historical patterns of colonialism and inequality (including racism);

·        Further consideration of how to enhance fundraising throughout the organization;

·        Implementation planning for grant-making for youth programs, as agreed to in 2017;

·        Selecting a venue for the next World Plenary, which has been agreed to take place in 2023. 

The CEC is particularly keen to receive invitations and recommendations for venues for the next World Plenary. This should be a site with a capacity of 500-900 persons, reasonably accessible to international air travel, and with a strong local group of Friends willing to serve as a local arrangements committee. It is customary not to hold successive Plenaries in the same Section; the 2016 Plenary was in Peru, Section of the Americas. Formal invitations come from yearly meetings and equivalent Friends’ groups; informal suggestions and recommendations are also welcome and staff will follow up.

The minutes from the 2016 International Representatives Meeting in Pisac, Peru, and the 2017 CEC meeting in Rwanda are available on FWCC’s website or can be emailed by request from the office or from Section offices. The 2015 and 2016 Trustees’ Report to the Charities Commission of England and Wales, which include audited financial accounts for the World Office, are also available on FWCC’s website as well as the website for the Charities Commission.

Friends with concerns to raise with the CEC should forward them to the clerk.

We ask Friends to uphold the CEC as its members travel to the venue and as we discern the way forward for FWCC.