2017 Finding Quakers Around the World Map

Finding Friends Around the World MapFWCC is pleased to announce that the 2017 version of the Finding Quakers Around the World Map is now available.

This map shows at a glance where there are Friends in different parts of the world, including numbers. It also has contact details for the FWCC offices around the world; they can give you contact details for Friends meetings and churches in their areas. This is especially useful if you want to visit Friends on your travels.

We gather the data with an appreciation for differing definitions and even levels of membership. In our non-hierarchical relationship with the Quaker family, we work with what we are given. It is far from being an exact process; rather, we offer the gift of helping us all see a visual representation of where Friends live and worship.

In this iteration, we made some decisions in the collecting and reporting of data to reflect the fact that yearly meetings acknowledge who is part of their community in different ways. Even when there are reported statistics, they do not line up categorically making comparisons difficult. Therefore this new map should not be used to extrapolate “trends” in membership numbers..

If you would like your own paper copy, you can email the World Office and we would be happy to post one to you. We are sending individual maps at no cost, but a donation to cover the cost of postage would be welcome. If you would like to order multiple copies to give away at events etc., please contact us.

You can also download a PDF of the map.

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