World Quaker Day 2021

We will be celebrating World Quaker Day on October 3, 2021.  Our theme: Resilience and hope: drawing strength from our Quaker faith.

Every year across our churches, meetings, countries, and sections, we feel the power of God connecting us into a faithful family. We celebrate all expressions of Quaker worship!

Watch the invitation from our Section Secretaries:

This year we have opportunities for online worship (both programmed and semi-programmed) around the world, ideas for how to celebrate in your local meetings/churches/worship groups as well as question prompts to help you explore the theme in more details.

Question Prompts to explore the WQD theme:

This year, for World Quaker Day, we are focusing on the theme Resilience and hope: Drawing strength from our Quaker faith. Together, or alone, we invite you to explore this theme and share reflections with Friends around the world. By the end of World Quaker Day 2021, we hope to have gathered stories, pictures, and messages of how our Quaker faith offers strength to Friends across the branches.

We have a series of questions to help enable you, and your Meeting/Church to explore the World Quaker Day theme:

  • How do you understand resilience and hope? Is this different from your Quaker neighbour?
  • What elements of your Quaker faith enable you to have resilience and hope?
  • How does being part of an international Quaker community help provide you with strength?


Please share your reports from the day by emailing If you have a video to share, please send it to via WeTransfer. If you prefer to use socials, you can tag us on social media using #WQD #WorldQuakerDay2021

We look forward to hearing your reflections, and learning what helps you have resilience and hope through your Quaker faith.

For a full list of the resources please visit the World Quaker Day website. 


Online Worship Opportunities:

1. Europe and Middle East Section are inviting Friends to an hour of (online silent unprogrammed worship)

  • 12.00 UTC / 13.00 BST /14.00 CEST /15.00 EEST. 
  • You can join the meeting by clicking here.
  • Alternatively you can log on to the zoom meeting with these details:
    Meeting ID: 827 1514 1527
    Passcode: 820903
  • Find out more on EMES’ website.

2. The Africa Section and Asia West Pacific Section(AWPS) are offering a join worship this year. It will be semi-programmed worship.

3. Section of the Americas are inviting Friends to join them for an hour on online worship organized by Young Adult Friends of the Traveling Ministry Corps.

Join SOA for online worship organized by the Young Adult Friends of the Traveling Ministry Corps! Join with Friends around the world in a koinonia time honoring World Quaker Day. 4PM Pacific | 5PM Mountain | 6PM Central | 7PM Eastern

Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness Colossians 1:11 KJV.      Register for SOA’s World Quaker Day’s worship.


Download the WQD poster:


FWCC Offering or collection:

Have a meal or other event to raise funds for FWCC. Have discussion queries on the tables with resources such as the FWCC map “Finding Quakers Around the World”: Point out where Friends are located and find some answers to questions like these:

  • Which country has the most Quakers? Which country has the fewest Quakers?
  • Which are the largest and smallest yearly meetings?
  • What kinds of worship do Friends have around the world?
  • Do you know what an Evangelical Friend believes? A Conservative Friend? A Convergent Friend? A Liberal Friend?
  • How are programmed and unprogrammed Friends alike and different?
  • Which form of worship worldwide has more members and attenders — programmed or unprogrammed?
  • What do Friends around the world have in common?

Here is a description of the work of FWCC to be shared with your meeting or church:

Answering God’s call to universal love, Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications, and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world (mission statement). Through various means, FWCC is connecting Friends, crossing cultures, and changing lives across our many differences and within our spiritual unity. FWCC provides a Quaker voice at the world level through its global ecumenical participation and its worldwide representation on the Quaker United Nations Committees in New York and Geneva. FWCC works both vertically serving Friends at the world level and horizontally, supporting Friends through the four Section offices. FWCC connects us as Friends in our work, in our worship, and in our lives.

Please give generously to support this important Quaker work. Many thanks!